Supermarket Gondola Shelving Racks

Best Supermarket Gondola Shelving Racks in Bangladesh

Success in the business greatly depends on how you present your products to the customers. And when it comes to the display, nothing can be better than gondolas and shelving racks. These racks will not only keep your products in place but also make it easier for the customers to find what they are looking for. This will aid your business in a great way.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s see what magic can super shop gondola and shelving racks can do to your super shop.

Key Features of Supermarket Gondola Shelving Racks in Bangladesh

Super Shop Gondolas and Shelving Racks are the basic need in any business you are going to start. If you plan to display your products, then there isn’t any better option then the gondolas and shelving rack.

Now that you decide to start to a super shop business and go for purchasing gondolas and shelving racks, then there are some pretty features you need to know. Though all of these gondolas and racks are pretty handy, still some specific key features are mention worthy. Let’s dive into them.

  • Customizable size

Super Shop Gondolas and Shelving Racks come in different predesigned size. They have many designs and shape as well. But the best part is you can customize the size and design you need for your shop. What do you think? Isn’t it a great option to go for?

  • Loading Capacity

Now since you are going to load on the products to display, you must have a clear idea about the loading capacity of your gondolas and shelves. Normally the predesigned one has their capacity rating mentioned. But if you are going to customized one your very own, then don’t forget to mention to the weight capacity of the manufacturer.

  • Stoppers for Extra Safety

You can add stoppers at the end of your gondolas. These exclusive options not only ensure the safety of the products. But also let you show some extra products as these stoppers provide some extra spaces.

  • Price Tag

It’s really important to place the price tag on the displayed products. And guess what, gondolas and shelving rack has an option to hang the price tags on them. And they also come to different colors. Not to mention you can change the price tag anytime you want. Isn’t it cool?

  • Easily Install-able

You get to fix your gondolas and shelving racks to a proper place. For that different model has a different way of installation. You can easily install them in the place you want.

  • Easy Assembly

These gondolas and racks have many separate parts to assemble to keep it as a whole. But don’t worry. The designs are very flexible to ensure easy assembly of the parts.

Things to Look Before Buying Gondola Shelving Racks

Since you already get ideas about the amazing features of these super shop gondolas and shelving racks to have to offer you, you definitely want to buy one for your super shop now. So here are some things you need to keep in mind before getting these gondolas and shelving racks for your shop.

  1. Check the shelf size obviously. You can find many different size and design at the stores. Take a proper look before you buy it. If you can’t find anything of your choice, then you can always customize your own.
  1. Even if you need extra space after buying the shelves, you can always go for some extra shelves.
  2. Material quality also matters when it comes to the gondolas and shelving racks. Only go for high-quality materials. This will also ensure the durability of your shelves.
  3. Look for the price tag option for further convenience.
  4. Take note of how to assemble the parts as a whole. So that you can assemble them in no time.
  5. Take note of the installation process of the gondolas and shelving racks. This way it will be easier to put them to work faster.
  6. Go for the weather friendly one. So that the change of temperature and weather can’t affect your shelves.
  7. Find one that is coated with anti-rust powder coating.

Importance of Gondola Shelving Racks

Now that we have been discussing all the good side of these super shop gondolas and shelving racks, you must know how they are going to aid your business.

  • Provide Good Look

Now when it comes to the store, we all know how important is to make the store look well-furnished and organized. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attract customers to your super shop. When it comes to the look of the store, the gondolas and shelving racks are very handy. They have a minimal yet handy design. You can put the products on these and make them perfectly organized. This way your super shop will look super good and customers will love to stop by again and again.

  • Maintaining Order

Order maintenance is one of the great ways of success in super shop business. If you keep all the products according to their category and proper order, then it will be easier for the customers to find them fast and easily.

And for doing this, gondolas and racks are the best way out there. You can simply put the same products on the same side of the shelves and name them according to the category. Just with this, you are good to go.

  • Maintaining Price Tag

When the customers are doing their shopping, it’s easier for them to decide on the product if they know the price of that product. And what can be the best way of putting the price tag on all the products without gondolas and shelving racks?

With this, you don’t have to put the price tag on each product. Just put the price tag on each category of the products. This saves you much time as well.

  • Organizing the Floor

What do you think of a super shop, where all the products are kept on the floor? Not appreciated at all, right?

You don’ have to go through this hassle if you buy these gondolas and shelving racks for your store. This way it will keep your floor out of over flooding with products. It will also be easy to clean the floor this way. Isn’t it a great deal?

  • Easier Navigation of the Customers

If you keep all the products properly on the racks, then you can save the space on the floor. Now your customers can easily navigate through space as they please. Isn’t that going to work on your favor?

  • Save Space

The store is all about space. But if you can save some extra space in the store, you can put it to better use.

That’s why you can go for wall gondola type design which will be installed on the wall. This way you can save some space in the store.

  • Display

Now isn’t it obvious to have more sell of the products that are on display rather than the ones which are not? And what can be better option to put all the products to display than gondolas and shelving rack.

Keep all the products in a unique way on the display. Now just see your customers got drawn to the products more than usual. Display pattern does matter for the business. So you better care for it.

Types of Gondola Shelving Racks

There are many different size and designs are available in the market when it comes to the gondolas and shelving racks. You must have an idea about them so you can decide which shape will be a perfect fit for your shop interior.

Though you can always customize the design, some common predesign super shop gondola, and shelving racks will be discussed here.

1. Wall Type Gondola Rack

This types of racks are to be to be fixed at the wall and aisle. As you can display more item if you organize them properly, so you must be wise choosing the racks.

If you have a relatively small store, then you should definitely go for a wall gondola rack. Since this is fixed at one end on the wall, you can save space. On the other hand, this type of gondolas is sturdier. So your products will be safe even if there is a rush of customers in the shop. Of course, large shops also use them.

There are three types of wall gondolas. Such as ‘wall gondola starter’, then ‘wall gondola connector’ and lastly ‘wall end gondola’.

Since this gondola is installed on the wall, you can use the wall in your business.

2. Dual Side Island Gondola

Now this one is a special one. As the name suggests this gondola has two sides of shelves to display the products. So you can have some extra spaces for your products.

Aside from this, this gondola works as a connector gondola. You can connect the starter and end gondola with it without any hassle. This is how this gondola is designed, to begin with. Just assemble it with the other gondolas and have more free space for your products in no time.

3. Island End Gondola

This type of gondola is targeted to maximize the floor space as they are spacious and have much space at the height. This can be a great option for your shop if you are looking for something spacious and efficient.

This end gondola can serve both as starter and end gondola. It’s up to you. You can decide how you want to use this.  You can design and customize as per your need as well.

4. Hardware Unit Gondola Rack

This one is mainly a connector gondola. You can use it easily to assembly with the other parts.

This one is designed to help the customers find the products more easily. Cleaning this type of rack is very easy.  This has double side display option as well.

5. Column Plated Gondola Rack

This design can maximize the floor space and help the customer to browse the store even more comfortably. You can use it as starter or connector gondola. Each way it works a fine.

This has display option all around it. So this will add a new look to the store as well.

6. Barrier wall unit Gondola rack

This has some vertical rack in it for storing all sorts of products.

7. Door Unit Rack

This brilliant design can save space in the store most efficiently. These are racks on the door. You can attach them on the back door of the storage room. So that you can use the door as a display as well. Isn’t it so cool?

8. Corner gondola

You can use up the space between the corner of the adjacent wall gondola by installing corner gondolas.

This will prevent the waste of space and provide new space at the same time.

These are some of the common types of gondolas and shelving racks the stores offer predesignated. If you need extra, then just customize that as per your need.

Final Words

Now that you have an idea of the gondolas and shelving racks available in the markets. You can make your decision based on this information.

Gondolas and racks are a must in a super shop. You can’t just imagine a proper functioning super shop without these.

These gondolas and racks will not only save your space but also increase your sell. You can attract more customers by simply organizing your shop. And what can be better to aid the organization process than these gondolas and racks? You can say, they are the heart of a super shop.

So what are you waiting for? Just decide which one you need and go for it.