Automatic Curved Sliding Door

SPACE automatic curved sliding door gives the entrances of any building that special touch and is an ideal solution for more compact and elegant entrance. The doors can be designed as outward or inward curved semi-circles and segments and can be curved at the installation site. The curved system is manufactured as either concave or convex. It has the ability to safely control access through any entrance, to attract people to enter and to ensure optimal energy savings through drought exclusion and airlock function.
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SPC-280 automatic sliding door is the result of more than a decade of experience at developing and manufacturing top quality products with innovative technologies, with the use of superior quality of manufacturing processes and ecological use of material and energy. It features; * A new digital controller installed in a compact protective housing, with automatic adjustment and self-learning for optimum dynamic operating performance of the door. The control module features functions such as emergency opening in case of power failure, obstacle detection with automatic return mechanism, testing of operating elements, weight and path measurement, dynamic power limitation, end-point positioning, etc. * A new High quality, high performance, highly accurate and durable DC motor which offers strong permissible torque and instantaneous reversing characteristics with low noise, long life and reliable performance. * A self locking function incorporated within the motor. At the same time as the doors are closed, current is produced coupled with ideal combination and precise positioning of case hardened alloy steel worm with a phosphor bronze gear, which together provide sufficiently strong opposing force to prevent the doors from opening. * Encoder connected to the motor provides accurate feedback to the control system corresponding to the speed and direction of the motor, allowing for precise speed detection, speed control and positioning of door parts. * Adjustable door hanging system allowing for compensation for structural tolerances and adjustable door wing suspension with height and lateral adjustment to +/- 10mm. It features a high grade urethane plastic covered roller with a covered bearing. * Sophisticated motion tracking technology with high sensitivity to slow moving individuals and with wide range of detection. Overall this automatic door is suitable for all public or private buildings, inside or out, where convenience, corporate image and a welcoming entrance are important priorities. It is extremely versatile and suitable for single leaf or double leaf doors. It offers maximum performance at affordable price and it is designed with appropriate quality agreeing with current international standards and directives
MODEL SINGLE DOOR DOUBLE DOOR DOOR WEIGHT 20-130kg 20-120kg*2 DOOR WIDTH 500-3000mm OPENING SPEED 0.1-0.8s/mm Changeover CLOSING SPEED 0.1-0.8s/mm Changeover OPEN TIME 0-5s Changeover POWER SOURCE AC 220V 5A 50-60HZ

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