Automated Flap Barrier Gate

Description Parameter
Cabinet dimension 1235 (L) x 270 (W) x 1020 (H) mm
Stretching-out flap length 275 mm
Cabinet material # 304 stainless steel
Switching power supply AC220±15%V 50Hz or AC110±15%V 60Hz
Motor voltage DC 12V (brush motor)
Access device input Dry contact minimum 200ms trigger pulse
voltage Optimal flow rate 25 to 30 people per minute
Flap opening/closing time 0.5s
Reset time when power on 3s
Working environment outdoors (with due shelter) and indoors
Working temperature -25 ℃ – 50℃
Relative humidity ≤ 90%


Facilities of Automated Flap Barrier Gate:

  • Automated Flap Barrier Gate enhances the safety measure of any building by access control with ensuring a premium welcoming atmosphere. It’s robust design, affordable and versatility in the huge mode of customization enables it a unique solution for public access control facility.
  • Full space of passage: Unlike turnstile tripod gate, automated flap barrier provides the full passage of access by retracting the flapping wing which enables a user to carry low or mid-size luggage. Also, the passage of handicapped people with a wheelchair can be ensured appropriately.
  • Versatility at Customization: This Automated Flap Barrier Gate can be customized as per the demand of the client or whatever system demands. It can be interfaced with the RFID card reader or biometric fingerprint or even both to the purpose of sort out allowable accessed people.Fast Response Technology: Equips with fast response sensory system with the well-refined motor which enables the retracting time of the flab barrier within 0.5 seconds.

    Emergency Recovery: In case of power failure flap barrier will automatically retract the barrier, which confirms the quick passage in case of any emergency like an earthquake, fire evacuation, etc.

    Anti-Tailgating: If multiple users want to pass through the gate with a single pass, the advanced sensory system will restrict undisciplined access by closing the flab barrier instantly after passing one user. This highly discourages of sneak passing or tailgating.

    Combination of Strong and Gorgeous Build Quality: The base of the flap barrier is made of using stainless steel which ensures the total safety of internal mechanical and electrical part. The flab barrier itself is made of robust acrylic with green light lining along the edge of the transparent wing which beautifies the look handsomely. So, system safety is assured during any attempt of vandalism.

    Emergency Indicator: System equips with an emergency indicator which gets itself activated if anyone makes an attempted pass from the gate from the opposite side or user stay in the passage for too long. So, security personnel can easily identify the alarm event and restrict the entry of an unauthorized person or a flawed entry technique.

  • Possible Add-on / Upgrade:


Automated Flap Barrier Gate

  • To the purpose of ensuring the free and non-gathered passage at the entry of any establishment, the owner becomes tensed quite a bit. As it is said, “Entrance is the first level of protection of any building” so ensuring a standard level of safety is also a top concern.

    In addition, sometimes client also thinks of violation of welcoming atmosphere for his guests/clients as stopping them at entry by security guard maybe count as offensive. At top of everything, even some building owner has a strong intention to take safety precaution at the entrance by setting up safety measure but costing is a hindrance for him.

    We, Global Automation Limited analyze, categorize, research your demand because to meet the requirement of client’s is our top priority. Considering all of the facts, we present the “FULLY AUTOMATED MOTORIZED FLAP BARRIER GATE” which is a versatile solution of all of the concerns which are an innovative pedestrian control technology that designed to achieve the best balance of quality, performance, and affordability.

    Our Flap barrier system builds quality is so lucrative and strong. It will beautify any kind of entrance so it increases the welcoming weather. This system can be interfaced with building management system by installing RFID card reader or biometric fingerprint which ensures unauthorized entry restriction.

    Integration of access control and time attendance reader are also countable as an option which describes the versatility capability of the flap barrier system. In a word, Automatic Motorized Flap barrier gate gives a more premium and organized entrance to your building.


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