An Expert Opinion About Best Display Shelves & Racks

What makes the Best Display Shelves or a rack the best one? What makes a shelf worthy of spending a handful? Is it its ability to carry the high load or of being lightweight?

As with a career of 13 years in super-shop and market employees, I have come with some serious issues while buying display shelves, racks, or gondolas.

Whatever their names are, they do display our products which are on it. So, they must have some features that can expose our products without occupying a lot of space or being trouble.

So, What Are the Qualities of Good Display Shelves & Racks?

Simplicity & Strength

Simplicity and strength should be the first characters of a display case. In case of strength, if the shelf is not strong, it can break down quickly. On the other hand, if the design of the rack is a ravishing one, it will minimize the product’s catchiness of the products.

Keep in mind that the display shelves should be elegant yet simple and strong. Wall gondola is a good option for a simple and strong one.

Less Space Occupancy & Maximum Product Capacity

A study shows, shelving system takes 30%-50% space of a shop. For small shops, this problem is a big one. I have seen in many stores that the stands of the racks or showcases peep out and they kill up a large amount of space. But, it holds less amount of product comparatively.

Display ShelvesIt looks very messy and clumsy. So, it is good to go with the wall shelves or wall gondolas. They have larger space for the products but take the small area for implementation.

Easy Mountable

While buying shelves or racks, the mounting option begs the question. Does the easy mounting choice step down the strength of the shelving system?

Typically, it does not. The strength of the racks or shelves entirely depends on the manufacturing company. So, go for the easy mounting option and mount your shelves by yourself.

Easily Adaptable

The adaptability of a Shelving system is another issue that should be dealt with very seriously. Most of the shelving systems come with limited height and width.

Therefore, most of them also cannot be switched as needs. In that case, the pegboard style shelving system can come in handy as they have a flexible notching system.


A shelving system for a shop is a pretty complicated matter for the new shop owner. Almost always, after buying shelves or racks, owners find out that his shelving system is either bigger or smaller than his product.

Consequently, the bigger one is killing the spaces and the smaller one is of no use. So, there should be an option for enlarging or scaling down the shelves.

So, Be Wise!

Before buying the display shelves for your shop, you should research what you are willing to buy. Incidentally, if you purchase something inappropriate and find out that there was a better option available at that same prize, you would have nothing to do then.

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