Cold Storage Blast Freezer

Technical Details of Cold Room Blast Freezer

  • Category: Cold Room Blast Freezer
  • Temperature: -30 to -45 Degree Celsius
  • Panel Thickness: 150mm to 200mm ideal for Blast Freezer
  • Refrigerant: Ammonia or Freon
  • Defrosting System: Hot Gas
  • Door: Fully Airtight with heater
  • Floor: Aluminum sheet, PU panel, RCC, and Insolation.
  • Refrigeration compressor: Unit Mono-block, Screw Compressor, or Two Stage Compressor, depends on size and design.
  • Storage Size: Small to Large. Depending on customer demand.
  • Electricity: 230V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz, depending on capacity.


Blast Cold Storage is highly low temperature, which is start from -30 to -45 Degree Celsius.  

We design Blast cold room very carefully and professionally with our foreign consultant. Each of its need very high power condenser and evaporator system which can effectively maintain very low temperature.

We try to maintain your products life, quality and freshness. Our blast freezer can give you the full report of freezing time. This data can help you to maximize your delivery system with the best quality. You can deliver the frozen items within a short time to use the blast freezer. It can make the temperature -45 degree Celsius within 10-12hours, which can help you to develop your frozen items’ life/freshness and help you for the quick delivery.

Why you use Cold Storage Blast Freezer:

If you want to deliver the fresh/frozen items stock daily in market with freshness, then investing in blast cold room is the right choice for your company. Your daily delivery transection will be higher than your current delivery situation. You can deliver the fresh goods within a day to long distance to keep them fresh. Blast freezer cold room maintain very low product’s temperature ( -45 Degree Celsius).  These Blast Freezer cold room maintain the low temperature for your product’s and make them frozen within short time and help you to out for market.   

Great cost-effectiveness solution:

Blast Freezer can help you to minimize your waste of foods and it can help to expand your daily business for the shortage delivery time. For expansion your business with fresh foods this is the right solution to handle the foods in low temperature and deliver it to customer door step. Your same day production goods can be deliver throw the blast freezing system, you just need to keep them in Blast freezer for few hours then the temperature will come to -40 Degree Celsius and you can deliver the foods on same day with the right temperature.

For the new and efficient ways to improve business relationship with the customer and it will improve the quality of the food taste.

Who needs the Blast Freezer?

If you need to deliver your foods daily with very low temperature within short time than you need blast freezer cold room. Specially Butchers, Bakers, Retailers, Food Processing plant, pharmaceutical companies can take the benefits from Blast Freezer for their temperature-sensitive products.

Preserve the foods from bacteria:

Bacteria can’t grow in number if you preserve the food at low temperatures. The biggest benefits of blast freezer are that they have the ability to freeze several tons of food within 10 to 12hrs. This rapid process ensure that bacteria has minimal time to develop and keeps produce fresh in bulk.

Meat, Fish and poultry can consider the high chance of bacteria. These bacterial multiplies very quickly just over few days if you store your products in unsuitable conditions.



Key Features of Cold Storage Blast Freezer

  • Temperature:

Cold Room Blast Freezer normally operates in very low temperature which is starting from -35 to -45 Degree Celsius. Cold Storage Blast Freezer design for preserving foods for short time to down the temperature -45 Degree Celsius within 10/12hrs.

  • Room Size:

You can find cold rooms blast freezer in many predesigned shapes and sizes.  All these have different functionality and purpose. So you can always find something as per your need as the designs are so versatile.

Cold Storage systems are very user-friendly and available in any size, so don’t worry about getting the right size and capacity.

  • Different Door Design:

These cold rooms have different door system as per their purpose. You can have anything from the glass door, sliding door, fire-rated, Hinged Door, and also electronics operating door. This is pretty convenient when it comes to whether you want to display the products inside or not. The doors are made perfectly to maintain the temperature difference between inside and outside.

  • Durable Build Quality:

Now if you are investing in one of these cold rooms, then obviously you want the guarantee of your money, right? But don’t worry, these cold rooms are so well constructed with high-quality materials that will ensure the durability of the cold rooms for a very long time. We use European standard material to build your cold storage.

Installation and Assembly:

Now after buying one of these cold room storage’s, the first thing you need to design it properly. The installation process of these cold rooms it’s depends on the size and design. After finalizing the drawing and design of the cold room our professional engineers will install the cold room and train those people who will involve with it. After installation, our engineering team will run it and will set the right temperature as per your requirements and the criteria of the stored foods.

Effective space utilization:

The design and build quality of these cold storage rooms are perfect for maximizing space utilization. The wall thickness is just in the right dimension. No extra thickness is added on the walls. Normally we use a 150mm to 200mm sandwich panel for cold storage Blast Freezer. These optimized designs will make sure to provide the most efficient way of storing the goods in the storage and keep them fresh for a long time.

  • Energy Efficient:

We try to use quality elements to reduce electricity consumption. We always use the world-class compressor and motor for long-lasting and quality service with minimum energy. We calculate the power of the compressor very carefully according to the size and depend on goods volume. We measure many things to finalize the power capacity of Evaporator and condenser.

Things to Look Before Buying Cold Room Blast Freezer

Now if you have decided to buy cold room storage Blast Freezer, there are some features you should look for. Make sure to do your research before buying them. But don’t worry. I’m breaking down the points here for you anyway.

  • Freezing System:

Before you buy cold storage solutions, you need to think about the category of the foods and you need to decide the storage period. After that you need to share with us we will suggest you the right solutions. Temperature and system can vary depend on the category of the foods and the storage period.

  • Shelving rack:

If you are going for a cold room that has shelving rack in it, then count the shelving rack beforehand. These racks will help you in storing the food more efficiently. You can always get some extra shelving rack. So customize the size as you need.

Type of Cold Room Storage that We Offer

#1 According to the Temperature Setting:

You can find three types of cold storage systems, one is cold storage chiller (0 to +18 degree delicious), another one is cold storage Freezer (-0 to -30 degree delicious) and another one is Cold Room Blast (-30 to -45 degree delicious). You can buy a plus temperature one or go for a minus temperature one or both.

#2 Cold Room storage with Plus Temperature:

These commercial plus temperature cold rooms have their digital gauged and automated digital dial. The temperature will range from +0ºC to +18ºC as this range is suitable for storing vegetables, water, and drinks.

#3 Cold Room Freezer With Minus Temperature:

This type of Cold room with minus temperature and is good for storing fish, meat, ready-made foods, milk, ice-cream, etc. for a long time. You can also store your fruits and vegetables in it. They are handy when it comes to storing dairy foods in particular.

The temperature of this type of cold room ranges from 0º to lower. Such as 0ºC to -18 ºC for storing the fish meat, ready-made foods, milk, ice-cream, etc.

#4 Cold Room Blast Freezer:

This type of Cold room storage starts from 0ºC to -45ºC. If you need anything frozen within a short period, you need to blast the cold room. You can modify the heat range as well as control the dehydration and wetness. This will prolong the life of the foods you store and keep them safe from deteriorating by sudden temperature change in the weather.

Storage Life

Product Type Temperature °C Storage Life
Apples 1 to 4°C Up to 12 months
Potato’s 0°C Up to 12 months
Grapes 0°C Up to 8 weeks
Tomato’s 0°C Up to 4 Weeks
Mango 12°C to 13°C Up to 5 Weeks
Broccoli and cauliflower 0°C Up to 4 Weeks
Carrots 0°C Up to 9 months
Onion 0°C Up to 8 months
Banana 13°C to 16°C Up to 4 weeks
Meat & Fish -1°C to -25°C Up to 9 months
Flowers 10°C to 15°C Up to 2 Weeks
Ready to delivery -30°C to -45°C For daily delivery



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