Three door display chiller and freezer in Bangladesh

Supplier: Global Automation Ltd.
System : Blower
Door : Chiller and Freezer Combined
Origin : Malaysia/Turkey
Dimension : 1878mm (W) x 800mm (D) x 2070mm (H)
Gross Capacity : 1050 Liters (Chiller) and 455 Liters (Freezer)


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Product’s Key Point

Temperature Control:

This three door chiller and freezer has automatic temperature controlling system. It will keep your food and perishable items safe.

Automatic Door Closing System:

Self-closing door system is the most important part of this three-door display chiller and freezer. Our display chiller’s automatic door closing features, so all the doors will return to the closing position.

Safety Glassdoor:

Use high-quality and self-protected glass doors that will keep protected until it got hit from outside. It will protect you from damage and keep the chiller/freezer durable for a long time.

Lighting and Advertising panel:

This three-door chiller and freezer have an exclusive interior lighting panel and also you can advertise on the top of it. The lighting and advertising panel attract more customers.

About the Product

Do you search for a display chiller or freezer for your super shop or food display shop? Then, Global Automation ltd. surely serve you to on this serious need. we provide a good variety of appliances to buy and show disposable items for an extended time-frame effectively.

We happily admit to offering the foremost efficient and practical models thus far. Our high-quality clear glass door chiller or freezers make sure that your foods and drinks are saved at the simplest possible heat range. Here we present one among the special freezer equipment

3 Door Glass Display chiller and freezer have become a crucial part of displaying your food. It keeps perishable dairy food or drinks items safe until purchase so that they can eat right after buying. This chiller or freezer can play a crucial part in automatic temperature control and food marketing. However, simply because these three doors display chiller is vital doesn’t mean that it’s obvious the way to use them well.

3 The door glass display fridge also has got to work as only one element of a whole store that presents its products appealingly and conveniently. Finally, this display chiller and freezer must be in good advertising space to try to do their job. Taking full advantage of display fridges require some careful and artistic thought. But, surely, which will be an important product for your super shop.

Glass display chiller is meant for displays with extensive interior lighting and it’s suitable for merchandising various products. especially, these three doors commercial chiller and freezer keep several advantages over a robust reach-in refrigerator. This display chiller generally allows the customer to quickly search their items of the fridge, thus causing additional impulse sales and more earnings for your super shop or supermarket.

For your super shop or supermarket, you would possibly also want to settle on a glass door display chiller.

Commercial chiller with glass doors is more user-friendly and fashionable as compared to display appliances with strong glass doors albeit both display refrigerators usually provide an equivalent goal. Just believe the benefit you’d have if you’ll check out the fridge without opening the door.

We believe that’s the rationale why people want to shop for a clear glass door display directly fridge. A display fridge like 3 doors glass display commercial fridge permits you to ascertain the food or dairy items that are kept in it without the necessity to regularly open the door and check the storage.

This helps you to form proper arrangements for your shopping also as marketing. The dairy products are a crucial part of the lifestyle, both commercially and domestically. On a billboard level, there are dairy display fridges like triple door display fridge which are designed to offer perfect storage conditions for all of the dairy items.

Commercial food businesses often have these sorts of commercial fridges. These 3 doors glass display commercial Dairy Fridge have the gracious capacity and may easily store all of the dairy products that your super shop or supermarket business requires selling.

This display refrigerator is that sort of kit which will do these activities for your super shop or supermarket. 3 door glass display chiller and freezer are sweet for dairy products business because they provide an impressive view of the stored products.


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