Commercial Electric Pizza Oven

Technical specifications

Model NO WFC-8D
Type Convection oven
Voltage and power 380V/16.5kW
Material Stainless Steel 201,0.8mm
Tray Size 400*600mm
N.W 200kg


The pizza oven is the heart of any pizzeria. There are many different types f pizza oven are available. Considering volume, space, fuel source, and pizza type when to choose a pizza oven for any food service space. Commercial Pizza Ovens and Residential Pizza Ovens are basically same because of their basic design. There is some primary difference between commercial pizza oven and residential pizza ovens are: Size of the ovens is much different, the quality of the refractory material used, the thickness of the Refractory material used. Bread oven and pizza oven is not same. In a pizza oven it is easy to bake bread but it is difficult to bake pizza in a bread oven.


Food type: Biscuit, Cake, Pizza, Bread, Meat & Fish can be made by convection pizza oven.

Time: A convection oven usually takes a 5 -6 minutes to fully cook one pizza. This time may vary depending on the temperature and the number of pizzas in the oven at same time.

Temperature controller: To ensure more evenly and quickly baking there is double temperature controller system. The temperature can be settled within 50-300℃.

Perfect baking: Reinforced high temperature glass window available to ensure perfect baking condition.

Stainless steel Body: Stainless steel front panel and durable.

Door function: Insulation door.

Hot air circulation system: Attached with big fan, hot air circulation system to make the food looks more beautiful and heated evenly.

Easy operation system: Easy operation and maintenance facility.

Safety protector: High temperature safety protector to ensure safety.

High quality infrared heating tube: High quality infrared heating tube adjusted and easy fit heating element.

Hot dip galvanization: Internal chamber is hot dip galvanization (coating iron and steel with zinc) aluminum sheet.

Long service life: Select efficient baking heat pipes that heating up fast and long service life oven.

Possible field of usage

  • Hotels
  • pizza shop
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food shop.
  • Outdoor program


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