Glass Door Cold Room in Bangladesh

Wall : PU sandwich panels
Steel Material : Stainless steel or Color
Thickness panel : 75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
The thickness of Steel : 0.426mm
Refrigerant : R404 a
Compressor Brand: Monoblocks unit and Bitzer and Copeland
Door type : Sliding door and Hinge door
Door material : Glass Door


Products Key Features


 Customized Dimensions as you want. We can customize the cold room dimension as your need. That means you can choose your cold room size.


It can set up between 0 degrees to -18 degrees.

Door Materials:

Tempered glass sliding door and Hinge door.


We use R404 as a refrigerant for cooling. It is ecofriendly and provides the best cooling support.


With our glass door cold room, we use the most reliable best mono blocks unit and Bitzer and Copeland compressor for better service.

Features at a Look
  • Customized dimension.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Stainless steel made body.
  • Easy assembling system.
  • Glass made a sliding or hinged
Product Specification

  • Wall: PU sandwich panels
  • Steel Material: Stainless steel or Color
  • Thickness:75mm,100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm
  • Refrigerant: R404 a
  • Compressor Brand: Bitzer or Copeland
  • Door type: Sliding door and Hinge door.
  • Door material: Glass Door
About the Product

In today’s super shops, medical centers, restaurants, providing and food processing service areas, high-quality glass door cold room storage is important for storing foods, vegetables, dairy, pastry, and medicine. Most importantly, your items got to be kept amazing – maintaining food safety also as high quality and taste. Cold Room Chiller or Freezer is the best option because it can customize as your need.

Where it is used:

Whether or not they are utilized in the house, outside, in cellars, or as a part of a supermarket outlet. Cold room is ideal for cafés, and restaurants, also as bars, groups, resorts, and on-site features or events – maintaining drinks, cold items and produce amazing and fresh.

With today’s modern efficiency and technology, this glass door chiller or freezer provides effective, air-tight ends and warmth range controls. With this Cold Room space, it’s easily available and access items create you would like.

Our Glassdoor cold room is great for food storage, industry, super shops, cafés, restaurants and personal use where foods got to be found and selected quickly. With simple shelves designs, you’ll create even better use of your area, improving kitchen business and allowing you to save lots of time.

Heavy liability relies upon, within entry generates and deadbolt obtaining controls are further features that make Cold Room for cargo area your best choice for supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, and food preparation places. That way, any useful or expensive stock – like beverage-based mocktails – are often kept safe from theft. And if one among your staff should find themselves accidentally kept into the machine, they will release the doorway from the within. If you’ve got the other special requirements, custom remaking is out there to suit the requirements of your supermarket business.

Why Use this Cold Room:

This cold room body is made of stainless steel. Thus it’ll be free from deterioration and it’ll help for durable. This racks holder will assist you to beautify items in it and also ready to you’ll be able to determine your items easily once you will need. Glassdoor cold room chiller or Freezer is in a position to figure in just 220 voltages. It is often used with or without protected surfaces. The advantage of a glass door cold room chiller or freezer improves comfort, working costs, and adaptability. In any support where large-capacity cold storage is required, is one of the main costs.

Cold Room features heavy-grade is predicated, inside entry generates and deadbolt entry hair to regulate availability where necessary. it’ll ensure your safety. also as traditional professional equipment and freezers, many sorts of extremely store businesses and corporations may enjoy fixing this Cold Room Chiller or Freezer.

This sort of support gives an excellent deal of extra space to the supermarket a spread. it’s possible for turn gets into cool places to be designed to the place you’ve got available so that you’ve got a customized-made solution without having to pay unique costs. Cold Room Chiller or Freezer is generated by us may vary in space from small places to large ones which are the dimensions of an industrial manufacturer.

Glassdoor cold room could involve not only any foods, like the cold or cooled off selected items in their appearance, but also medical supplies and medicines, also as plants and cut flowers. a billboard function like a supermarket might generally need a far bigger cool room than the regular traditional measurements. Choosing this glass door cold room chiller is probably going to validate cost-effective, meeting your needs without having to be specifically designed. So it’ll be a really useful item for your business, we Global Automation Ltd. will assure you that!



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