Heavy Duty Warehouse Rack

Possibility of storing medium to heavy loads.
Fully customizable a wide range of components adaptable to your needs.
Adjustable load levels.
Addition and expansion is very easy.
It increase product visibility which can improve your picking and overall productivity.
Fewer damaged of Goods and Rack both.


Industrial shelving can play a vital role to increase storage capacity, manage product inventory and help organize your warehouse. Common types are screw-less shelving, steel shelving, rivet shelving and wide span. Industrial shelving is straightforward to assemble and straightforward to regulate shelf levels. Whether you’re storing bulky items or small parts, light duty, or heavy-duty, shelving will improve your work flow.
Industrial shelving rack is suitable for storing all kinds of products such as small parts, cardboard boxes, cloth rolls, machines, tools, and any quantity. This system consists of very universal types of shelves.
Shelving racking basically used in less height space/ Building. Goods are handled manually up to 7-11 feet. Movable stair/ Movable scissor lift also used for height up to 15 feet in this system.
In this racking system, expensive and complex installation is not required. The racks can be installed quickly and easily without the hassle of screws.
Each shelf can support 500-5000 kg/level which depends on the customer goods details. We provide perforated, non-perforated, and plywood materials for the shelves.


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