Hotel Locking System With RFID Card

Card type: Mifare 1 S50 card
Card detect: Microwave detection, reliable and advanced
Feature: Non-touch, high safety, high cost, can make all-purpose card
Power supply: DC4.5V~6.5V,3~4 1.5V AA alkaline battery
Typical static current: < 30μA
Action Current: < 145mA
Low Voltage Alarm: Yes
Typical card reading distance: 10mm~50mm
Unlock record 200~1000 items


  • No need of external network, PC network. Simple installation.
  • Self-carried black box, which can save 200~1000 record items.
  • Lock chip adopts the international standard five-bolt structure.
  • Super-low power consumption, due to its unique technology. The system lock requires four batteries power supply and can work up to one year.
  • Industrial advanced technology, non-touch lock all adopts the most advanced low-consumption microwave detection technology, which can detect card from black wallet.
  • Touch lock all adopts anti-short circuit design in order to increase battery life span.
  • Hotel lock adopts voice&light control which largely improve on-site diagnosis.


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