Library Wall Unit Gondola Rack

  • Style: Library gondola for displaying book
  • Gondola Size: Height: 7’feet
  • Length: 3’ or 4’ feet
  • Salves size: Per selves wide 12inc & base selves 16inc
  • Color: Up to Your Request
  • Thickness of layer panel: 0.7mm
  • Layers for each unit: 6 layers are available
  • Weight capability: 80kg/layer just according to material choice
  • Material: Cold rolled steel
  • Finish: Powder coating
  • Uses: Library, School, College, University, Book self, Office


Product Overview Library Wall Unit Gondola Rack

Without a Gondola Rack, it is very difficult to accommodate a lot of books, files, and other things. Generally, we have many books, files, and other important things in school, college, university, or in the library. Sometimes we face many difficulties in displaying the items. You know it is very necessary to display the books and files so that we can easily find the things when necessary. On the other hand, some of the cases we want to get a book self for the solution, but we cannot take the right decision most of the time. The choice is also an important fact here also, agree?

That means, in this case, we have to face a lot of difficulties, and most of the time, we don’t understand what the best solution is. To them, I want to say the best and the best solution is to have a gondola rack. A gondola rack is just like a book self, but it is more than a book self. A gondola rack lets you display a lot of books, official files, and other important papers. Our rack has enough spaces to accommodate a lot of books, official files, and other important papers.

The size of the rack is very standard, height up to 7 feet, and the width starts from 3 feet, and you can choose up to 4 feet. Just think about the size of the rack; it is perfect. You can use the rack in different types of institutes such as office, school, kinder garden, college, university, and also in the library. You can also use the gondola rack in your home if you have many collections of books. That means the gondola rack is a thing that is the perfect solution for storing and displaying books and other necessary files everywhere. If you like to display books in a smart way, you definitely love our Library Wall Unit Gondola Rack.

Prominent Features

  • Quality Construction Material: The primary material of the gondola rack is cold rolled steel. The steel quality is very well that will not get damaged due to rust or corrosion. And the rack is covered with powder coating that enhances the construction quality as well.
  • Multiple Shelves: The gondola rack contains a total of 6 shelves. The base shelve is 16 inches width, but the other remaining shelves are 12 inches. That means if you have any books or files that are longer than the typical size, you can accommodate them on the base shelve.
  • Color Choice: The supplied gondola rack usually comes with a super color combination white and green, and most of the customers like it. If you prefer other specific colors, you can get the rack in your favorite color.
  • Smart Design: The design of the gondola rack is very simple but eye-catching. You cannot deny the design of the gondola rack, we sure. Everybody loves the simple structure and beautiful design of this gondola rack.
  • Versatility: The gondola rack is not specified to use only in a specific place. You can use the rack in many institutes such as any educational institute, office, library, and otherwhere. You can also use the rack in your home also.


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