Pearl ice maker machine in Bangladesh

Model : GEM0956/0955
Brand : ICE-O-Matic
Cooling System : Air, water or remote-cooled
Ice Flaking Capacity :
478 kg and 1,053 lbs per day
Power : 50 Hz and 60 Hz model
Dimensions : 21″ (533 mm) wide x 24″ (610 mm) deep x 27″ (686 mm) height


Features of the Pearl Ice Maker Machine:

  • Production Capacity: Up to 80 to 700 kg daily
  • Storage Capacity: Up to48 kg (106 lbs)
  • Exterior: Stainless steel.
  • Controlling: Computer Controlled.
  • Maintenance Signal: Alarm Light on the front door.
  • Warranty: Manufacturer Warranty.

Details of the Ice maker machine in Bangladesh:

The capability of the Ice  Machine:

Commercial ice maker machine generates up to 80 to 700 kg of ice cubes in a day. In total can 42000 pieces per day. It allows you to store up 48 kg ice storage space.

The Controlling System of Ice Machine:

This amazing ice maker fully controlled with a computerized system. This device has a fronts alarm light for maintenance alert.

Design and Style of this Ice Machine:

Comfortable design and vanishing entrance make it really beautiful. The machine action door closing activity makes it more comfortable.

This commercial ice cube maker machine generates ice cubes for drinks, fish/meat display chiller, cocktail, ice cream, faluda, and others. This ice cube maker machine is suitable for superstores, food processing factories, restaurants, Supermarkets and also other commercial purposes.

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