Super Shop Two-Way Middle Unit (Perforated Strap Barred) Gondola Rack

Prominent Features of Perforated Strap Barred Two Way Gondola Rack

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Multiple Perforated Strap Barred
  • Sturdy Base
  • Durable


Product Overview

If you count the total items of your super shop, you find more than a few hundreds of types of goods. You may have more than five hundred types of goods also. In a word, a super shop always has multiple types of goods. And you have to display all the items perfectly so that all the items can be located easily by all the customers, right? That is why you need different types of racks in the super shop. Perforated strap barred gondola rack is one of the important of them. Ask me how.

To maintain a super shop or in a super shop business, you need to have different kinds of products. You have to sell a small product also besides large and valuable products, right? You need to think that you have to sell all the items so that every customer comes to your store. If they find every product in your super shop, they will come again and again to you because they know they can get all the products in your super shop. And you know all the product size and shape is not same. Some of the product comes with a hanging display feature. And you have to display the items in a hanging manner; otherwise, it is not possible to display the products finely.

For displaying the items in a good manner and in the best way, perforated strap barred gondola rack is perfect. It is a two-way middle unit gondola rack, where there are many bars that are penetrated in the holes of the stand of the rack. In the rack, there have 5 lines vertically, and each line contains 5 bars. You see, many products have a hole in the packet that is made for storing or displaying purpose. Just put the items on the rack just penetrating the bar on the hole, simple.

It is a two ways rack, and it has a total of 25 bars on each side. You can also store multiple items in one bar. Can you imagine how many items the rack lets you display on it?

Prominent Features of Perforated Strap Barred Two Way Gondola Rack

  • Sturdy Construction: Just take a look at a glance of the two-way gondola rack. It has a base that is strong enough. The middle unit of the rack is also constructed like a sturdy structure. And finally, the bars are also strong enough. After all, it is a strength rack for the super shop.
  • Multiple Perforated Strap Barred: The middle unit has so many strap bars that are fixed on the middle unit. On each side, there have 25 bars in 5 lines, and each line contains 5 bars.
  • Sturdy Base: The base of the two-way gondola rack is flat and strong, as well. On the base, you can also put various items that are heavily weighted also. That means, the rack doesn’t let to display items in a hanging way, it gives you the opportunity to put much heavyweight product on the base also.
  • Durable: It is such a rack that can give you longer performance. Just look at the structure of the rack, there is no chance of breaking down quickly. And you know high-quality metals are used to construct the rack, and it gives you excellent performance, definitely.


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