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Best Commercial Juice Dispenser in Bangladesh


‘Juice dispenser’ is a familiar name in commercial orb. They are jars to hoard and chill fresh juice.They are electrically powered so they will run as long your electric supply is on.These dispensers are like mini refrigerators for beverages. They ensure a safe and hygienic disposal of liquid as per need.

Bars, cafés, restaurants any place you name, juice dispenser is a constant companion which makes a customer relaxed and delighted. One sip of fresh chilled juice makes magic. And juice dispensers do that magic.

They ensure successive disposal of fresh cold juice to serve the demand of customers. So to lift up your beverage business and to accomplish so many buffet events successfully you definitely need them in your shop.

Here, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about juice dispenser, its features and function. And help you through from making the best choice of juice dispenser.

So, let’s dive in and explore what else this jar can do.

Key Features of Juice Dispenser

  • Iced bottom

One of the key features of juice dispenser is to keep juice chilled. It’s more like a juice refrigerator in a jar. They have additional manually conducted iced bottom or ice tube in it. So you can refill it with ice or ice cold water when needed. Iced bottoms and jars help to keep juice cold for a long time. This feature especially helps to save energy.

  • Attractive design

Attractive presentation allures the customers.

Let’s say you want a juice from a beverage shop, which one would you order? If you don’t know any flavor, you will definitely order one from the most attractive jar. Transparent juice compartments create an appealing sensation among the customers. As a result, they want more of your juice and visit more of your shop. This definitely boosts up your business.

  • Easy removal and sanitation:

This feature is one of the most important feature. Juice dispensers are super easy to install and remove. You don’t want any kind of hectic situation while disengaging the compartments to refill it. They are easy to clean. Compatible with intense and steady cleaning.

  • Sterility

They ensure purity and quality of the liquid in it. Being in a closed container, juice remains sterilized. They ensure human-contact –free and germ-free juice in your glass each time.

  • Dispensing point:

Juice dispensers have the lowest dispensing point to ensure the maximum amount of juice disposal. This feature allows to finish up all the juice at the end of the day.

  • Thermostat

Alongside manual iced compartments, juice dispensers include thermostat technology. That means, they automatically turn off the power supply when the juice is chilled enough. Again, when the temperature of the juice starts to increase, they automatically turn on the power to chill the juice again.

It means you have to countless money for its electricity bill. Also, thermostat technology ensures a no-damage policy. Your juice dispenser will not undergo any internal burning and damage.

Importance of Juice Dispenser

Your beverage shop requires such policy which will ensure maximum production, storage, sanitation and serving to the customers. You need to serve the maximum cup of juice in minimum time to take your sales to the apex. Juice dispenser does exactly the same. Having one will facilitate you to achieve an engaged and diligent shop.

  • Easy disposal of juice:

It is important for an ongoing business to work things easily, without any obstruction. Using an ordinary juice jar to pour cup-to-cup juice will eat up lots of serving hour. The counter will be messy and watery. Juice dispensers omit juice in a quick and easy application. You just need to turn on the faucet and fill your cup with fresh juice.

  • Quench the juice:

Fresh juice delights the customers but if it is chilled, they are more delighted. Especially in hot burning summer, people want something cold and liquid to hydrate themselves. To meet the demand of people, you definitely want to bring a juice dispenser to your shop. Because it will make the juice chilled as long as possible. Each time customers will leave your shop with a delighted mind. And that’s what matters the most.

  • Maximum serving:

Daily basis juice production is the main role play in maximum serving. Congested juice jars can restrain it. Because when there is not enough space to hoard, there is no profitable production. Juice dispensers come in different sizes according to your choice. It means you can produce more, store more and serve more. 

  • Sanitation:

The first and foremost policy of food business is to ensure a hygiene and healthy food to the customers. In order to do that the food hoarders and containers must be well cleaned. Juice dispensers ensure easy disposal and detachment of juice compartments for easy wash process.

  • Aiding in buffet events:

In hotels, restaurants and cafés buffet events have become very frequent in recent days. As you know, these events tend to provide uninterrupted food service in a limited time. Moving to the beverage section, it is obligatory to run a successive disposal of juice as per need without facing any raffle in that limited time.

Manually conducted juice disposal will eat up most of the food serving time. For some customer, it is very odd having someone to refill his/her glass of juice. Again, some people feel shy about asking for another shot of juice. 

Frequently refill will cause dripping oftentimes. As a result, the counter will look wet and become sticky.

As we are talking about buffet, it is necessary to make each counter cleaner and attractive for the customers. Without any classy serving pots, buffet events will become dull.

In this case, a juice dispenser will be the best choice. They will refill cups after cups uninterruptedly without causing any dripping. Moreover, the customer will neither feel annoyed nor feel shy to have unlimited juice shots.

Things to Look Before Buying a Juice Dispenser

Dispensing juice is one of the many things you need to check out before buying a juice dispenser. But what else should you check? Before buying any, you need to determine your requirements for juice dispenser according to your production amount, the available space that you have in your shop. You should enlist to check out their making material, their volume and sanitation process and their compressor type and performance.

However, as you have made up your mind to buy a juice dispenser, you should definitely check out these points.

  • Material:

You don’t want your juice dispenser to be broken now and then. Because buying a new container repeatedly will cause the reverse effect.  And obviously, you never want it difficult to clean. 

The material should be highly durable and easily washable. And also it needs to be see-through. Also, you need to check if it is compatible with carbonated drinks. Low quality plastic may have chemical reactions with the carbonated drinks.Again, when it comes to the carbonated drinks, you need to wash the container intensely.

  • Capacity:

You need a juice dispenser that can hold gallons of juice to serve customers uninterruptedly. The advantage of having a voluminous container is that you don’t need to refill it once and again.

  • Smooth disposal:

Juice dispensers include a compressor that allows it to release the liquid fast and smooth. Some juice dispenser’s compressor might not work well or they might be very low powered compressor. It doesn’t create enough pressure in the midst that helps to omit the liquid. A compressor also does the work of cooling. So, make sure that the compressor in the dispenser is well functioned.

  • Drip Tray:

Well, this is the one thing that you should probably need to keep your beverage counter even cleaner. Especially when you have a buffet event at your shop. Continuous juice disposal sometimes causes dripping and leaking of the liquid. Which makes the counter wet and sticky. Additional drip tray can strike out this problem and make cleaner serving.

  • Compressor:

In any refrigerate machine, compressor plays a very important role. It basically helps in the cooling process. But juice dispenser compressors does one thing additionally. It creates pressure in the midst to dispense the liquid smoothly.  

As tropical and subtropical countries possess heat, a low compressor won’t be nearly enough for cooling. Considering the tempered climate of Bangladesh, you have to buy a model that includes a high pressured compressor with large cooling capacity. These compressors will do their work effectively with high efficiency.

  • Energy saving

Make sure that your purchasing model includes iced bottom and thermostat technology.You can run then in 220V, which is regular voltage rating in Bangladesh.

Types of Juice Dispenser We Offer

A good juice dispenser is created from high-class materials. It also possesses a high cooling power.And if is spacious but has a compact design, then it is all that any shop owner wants. Our policy is to serve juice dispensers with the best configuration as per your taste.

Here I invite you to see what we promise you to give. Let’s dive in.

  • Cold liquid dispenser

These dispensers come with cold temperature setting. They keep the liquid chilled at 6°C and up to 10°C. These juice dispensers are built with high-quality plastic materials. These plastics possess high durability and firmness.

  • Juice dispenser

These dispensers are specially made for dispensing only fruit juice. The containers are see-through and create a good appealing aura. Simple to operate and easy to clean. Do not put any beverage in a juice specialized dispenser. Chemical reactions could occur. But can pour non-carbonated drinks in them.

  • Beverage dispenser

These liquid dispensers specialize in beverages. Especially in carbonated drinks. They are made of high-quality plastic material. Non-reactive to drinks like cola, soda, energy drink and many more. We all know that carbonated drink pot needs intense cleaning. These dispensing containers are also compatible for intense cleaning.

  • Single compartment liquid dispenser

A small shop doesn’t need large and heavy equipment. These will just crowd the place. For such small shop, there are juice dispensers with one chamber only. This will not eat up most of your counter. They come with enough space inside. The can serve the customer abruptly.

  • Di-compartment liquid dispenser

If you want to bring variation in your juice service, you can start with two flavors. And to make that easy, juice dispensers come with two chambers as well. They are compact but spacious inside. They can serve hours after hours with a single time refill. They are mostly preferable to the buffet organizer.

  • Tri-compartment liquid dispenser

If you suppose to have a large and rushed café then this one is just for you. The compartments allow you to serve three flavor at once. They can contain up to 5L which allows you to serve maximum people.

  • Quadra-compartment juice dispenser

A true beverage shop or juice shop means multiple flavors of liquid are ready to fill our thirst. And to do that, juice dispensers come with four chambers. They are voluminous. They can contain 8 liters up to 10 liters.You can serve humongous number of people with multiple flavors of juice in a single production. They all come with easy open and close lid for an effortless refill process.


Juice dispensers are refrigerating jars and it is a must-have in every food biz. Dispensing juice is one of the many functions of a juice dispenser. It storages huge amount of juice, keep them fresh and refrigerate them. Again it is must have to accomplish big food events and buffets.

Before buying them you have to check carefully about their making material, dispensing system, compartment number,voltage rating. You also have to buy the one that has easy setup arrangements alongside easy going disposal and cleaning process.

Also, considering the climate type of Bangladesh you need to ensure the best compatible compressor.

All the way down, here I conclude that there is no alternate of juice dispenser to boost up your beverage business in all season.

We offer you a huge collection of juice dispenser depending on your needs and choices. So, don’t delay yourself. Make a choice and bring a juice dispenser to your shop.