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Best Commercial Dish washing Machine in Bangladesh

Dishwashers are common in both residential and commercial field. They are supposed to wash dishware, cutlery, glassware etc. However, the fact that differs commercial dishwasher from residential ones is, they use super-heated water to wash and rinse the dishware. They go through multiple washing cycles in minutes. Whereas, residential dishwashers take up to 30 minutes to clean the dishware.

Commercial dishwashers are must have in commercial kitchens. To boost up your rising food business it is important that you serve maximum food orders in minimum time. Dishwashing machinesare the most reliable preference for your food business. Also, these dishwashing machines ensure almost no-damage to your dishware.  

Key features of commercial dish washing machine

  • High capacity

Commercial dishwashers tend to have high loading capacity as they are supposed to wash maximum dishware in minimum time. Because delicatessens serve loads of people at a time. Usually, dishwashers tend to wash up to 800 dishes per hour.

  • Easy to operate

In order to reduce workload, these machines are designed in such a way that you can operate them in a single go. You have to fill the racks with dishware and insert them in the dishwasher. Turn on the switch and the machine will do the rest.

  • Time efficient

Dishwashers are time efficient. They can cleanse the dishware in a minute or two. For an effective business hour, the food serving must go on uninterruptedly. This feature makes that happen.

  • Washing temperature

Commercial dishwashers heat up the water up to 140°F. They create lots of steam while rinsing and sanitize the dishware at the same time. Flash-dry features allow them to dry off the dishes that have been washed.

  • Sanitizing

Dishwashing machine has the feature of sanitizing the dishware. They rinse the dishware in high temperature. Which helps to sanitize them. However, some dishwashers do use chemical agents as they don’t create any hotter environment for sanitization. 

  • Noise proof

Previous designs made much noise while running However latest designs of dishwasher are completely noise proof. If you run a café with an open kitchen, dishwashers won’t create any disturbance to the customers.   

  • Spray Arm

Dishwashers have rotating spray arm in the body. They wash the dishes while rotating in different directions. Which helps to wash every corner of the dishware.

  • Water/soap level indicator

Continuous washing needs a lot of water and soap. There is a water indicator where you can see how much water is needed in the reservoir. They also warn the operator when it needs to be refilled.

Importance of commercial dish washing machine

Owning a restaurant or a café is bears risks beforehand. Keeping someone for just washing dishware can multiply this risk. This will slow down serving during business hour. Additionally, you have to pay extra for a wash-boy. A dishwasher can minimize this additional expense. Rather it will speed up dishwashing rate. And you can use up your business hour efficiently.

Dishwasher creates highly heated steam inside it. Which helps dishes to sanitize perfectly. Although, some machine needs chemical agents or a booster heater to sanitize dishware. Whatever the process is, a dishwasher will provide you germ-free, sanitized dishware each time.

Things you look before you buy


In every kitchen, it is necessary to keep things going well. But having a big dishwasher in a congested kitchen will restrain you to do your work spontaneously.

On the other hand, having a compact dishwasher in a spacious kitchen can slow things down. So, you suppose to have a dishwasher that is compatible with your kitchen size.


A super busy kitchen needs a highly capacious dishwasher. These kitchens need to have clean dishware repeatedly. A capacious dishwasher can wash loads of dishware to fulfil this need. On the contrary, a capacious dishwasher in a steady kitchen will only eat up space and increase energy bills.

Energy Consuming

Make sure you buy a dishwasher that consumes less energy. But some of them do consume energy. However, latest models include thermostat technology. It means the machine controls the temperature setting all by itself. It will automatically turn off itself when a certain point of temperature is achieved.So check whether your purchasing model has it or not. The main point is your dishwasher shouldn’t put much pressure on the energy bills.


Some dishwashing machines rinse and wash dishware in low heated water. For this reason, you need to buy additional chemical agents to sanitize the dishware. You need to mix them with water before starting the washing cycle. But some chemical agents can harm the dishware and ruin their polishing. Every chemical agent is harmful to the environment. However, there are some brands which are less toxic. So, make sure that your chemical agent is gentle to dishware and less harmful to the environment.  

Booster Heater

These heaters are the alternatives to chemical agents. Chemical agents have some serious drawbacks. So, kitchens that operate a low-temperature dishwasher avoid these chemical agents. They use these booster heaters to sanitize the dishware. They do the final rinsing with super-heated water. They flash dry the dishware as well.

So, if you suppose to have a low-temperature dishwashing machine and want to avoid chemical agents, you might want to have one of these in your kitchen.

Rack Size and Type

While buying dishwashing machine, you also need to buy washing rack. These racks come with different size and types. There are combine racks where you can put your cutlery, dishware and glassware altogether. There are individual racks if you want to wash them separately. It is important to buy racks that fit in your dishwasher. And it is very important that your dishware, glassware and cutlery must fit in the rack-mould perfectly. This precaution will prevent the dishware from damaging and breaking.

Insulating Endurance

A successful washing and rinsing cycle requires high heat. To do that, dishwashers need to keep maximum heat inside it and transfer less heat through it.Make sure that your purchasing model is made of insulator components. This will ensure less heat transfer.

Unprompted Draining

Your purchasing model must have an easy drainage system. After washing and rinsing, dirty water needs to be drained. If the draining way is not open enough, the water will be clogged inside and will create a bigger mess.

Installation Process

Make sure that the design you are buying is easy to install. When it won’t work properly it can be fixed easily in less time. Look for a brand that provides pre and post-installation service.

Types of Dishwasher

According to temperature

Commercial dishwasher comes with two different temperature setting. Both have their own advantages. You can have them on the basis of your delicateness type and need.

  • High temperature

These dishwashing components use super-heated water consuming the temperature of 150 up to 180. They intensely rinse dish and cutleries rack after rack. Due to consuming over 180 degrees, rinsing water is enough to sanitize everything in it. Which is pre-eminent.

These dishwashing components include flash-dry feature. Means it quickly dries off the dishes that have just been washed.

Although, consuming loads of energy hampers pretty much on energy bills. But the good thing about these is, they are completely eco-friendly. Why? Because you don’t have to use additional chemicals for sanitization and you don’t have to discharge chemical into the environment. Also, this advantage ensures a safe working environment.

  • Low temperature

I’massuming that you’ve already guessed what could be in this part. These dishwashing components heat up the washing and rinsing water up to 120. Which is surely not enough to sanitize the kitchenware. As a result, sanitizing chemical agents are used with the water. But the plus point is, these won’t harden the energy bills.

Whatever is their energy consuming rating, as being commercial dishwashers, they are way faster than the residential ones.

Attainable Types

Again these dishwashing component are one step ahead of the residential dishwashers. These units have variation in size and type. Let’s have a look on what type these components offer.

  • Undercounter Dishwashers

These dishwashers are hybrids themselves. They resemble both commercial and residential dishwashers. They are compact and comparatively fast.

However, if you have a busy business hour, these might slow down your service. These dishwashers are highly recommendable for both compact and steady kitchen. They can clean up to 20 racks allowing a smooth service to the customers.

  • Door Type Dishwashers

The door of these components works like a hood. The idea is to fill a rack full of kitchenware and place it underneath the hood. Pull down the hood and after a couple minutes, your dishes are ready to serve another batch.

Like under counter dishwashers, these are also compact and fast. They are designed for busy kitchens. So, if you have a self-owned food business and tend to serve maximum people in minimum time then, this dishwashing component is the best for you.

  • Glasswashers

There are many shops that only specializes in beverages. On every two delicatessens, one is either a Café or a bar. Their priority is to serve various types of beverage.

So, there are specialized dishwashers as well. These dishwashers are specially designed to handle delicate glassware. If you have these in your kitchen, you never have to worry about breaking your glassware.  

  • Conveyor Dishwashers

These are the boss of all dishwashers. Can take loads of dishes in a single time. They also eat up much space. Recommended for spacious and busy kitchen where you tend to serve multiple batches in a single time. Delicatessens like famous restaurant, hotels possess these in their kitchens.

They work the fastest but consume a lot of energy. So, for a small delicateness, it will cause heavy pressure on energy bills. So, if you suppose to own one, I will suggest to restrain yourself from buying one of these.

Previously, I told you that two types of dishwasher are available according to temperature setting. However, these four types of dishwashers are available in both temperature setting.

Best Dish washing Machine for Bangladeshi Delicatessens 

Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, People are frequently visiting different delicatessensfulfilling their appetite. As a result new delicatessensare establishing. They often tend to offer better food with quicker service. And to fulfil this, they often need ready to go dishware in minutes. For this reason, they often find dishwasher a promising reliance.

In Bangladesh, maximum delicatessensare new and self-owned. They supposed to have a medium or semi-large kitchen. Even a small shop is sometimes popular than other shops.

According to the rising demands and popularity, two types of dishwasher is the best for Bangladeshi delicatessens. They are energy efficient and provide the best service.

Undercounterfor Bangladeshi delicatessens

As I have mentioned earlier that this model adjoins both commercial and residential dishwasher. A compact size dishwasher which will easily fit in your compact kitchen. You can install it in your new establishment for initial service. This unit can wash up to 20 racks in minutes. This is the exact required amount for dishware you need for your new business.They are made of stainless steel which doesn’t transfer heat.

Also, they have variation in temperature. You can have this model with low-temperature setting. This dishwashing machine is energy efficient and won’t put much load on your energy bills.

Door type for Bangladeshi delicatessens

Your business gets high in the peak and you need to serve as much as per demand. This is when you need this design. Washes maximum dishware in a couple minutes. They come with easy installation and they are easy to operate.These include electric motor pump which forces water in the spray arm while washing cycle. And force out the dirty water to the drain hole.

Available in high temperature and low temperature. Also comes with thermostat technology which is energy efficient.

The most reliable thing is, whether you have a semi-large or large kitchen these units are perfect for them in any way.


There are verities of dishwashers for every type of kitchen. Whether it is busy or steady, small or large, there is a dishwasher for every type of kitchen. Also, you can choose the temperature setting for each type to minimize your expenses or maximize your profit. Before purchasing your model, go through this article once again to have a clear thought.