Commercial Chafing Dish

Best Commercial Chafing Dish in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a way to entertain your party guests with warm foods, then you are in the right place.

If you are arranging any big party or buffet then you must be thinking about serving your guests with a huge menu. But how you are going to serve the foods warm each time the guests come at a different time which most likely to be the case for the buffet. Don’t worry. All you need to solve this issue is called a chafing dish which you can get on our website very easily.

What is a Chafing Dish?

A chafing dish or also known as chafer is like the heart of any buffet, banquet or catered party. A chafer is used to keep the foods warm at the buffet without going through the hassle of going to the kitchen, again and again, to heat up the foods on the stove which can be really tiresome at the catered parties. And these will also disrupt the flow of food serving. So chafers are a must to keep the buffet going nowadays.

Chafers have one heat source of its own for which it kind of act like an oven to heat up the foods. Now the heat source may differ depending on the model you choose. Chafers are available in different size, shape, different heat source, and of course for a different purpose.

What Are The Main Parts of A Chafer?

1. Chafing Pan Lid:

The chafing pan lid is mainly used to keep the heat lock and help the foods to remain warm for a longer period of time. The lid also retrains the steam and lock in the moisture of the foods. You can find many verities when it comes to the design of the chafer lid. Each design has its own purpose to keep the foods in a good state.

2. Food Pan:

The food pan is a plate which works as the top dish of the chafer. The foods are placed on this pan. But the thing to be noted that food pan doesn’t cook the food. You can cook your foods in the oven beforehand using the food pan. Or you can cook the foods on the stoves by any mean you want. After cooking place the foods on the food pan and then transfer the food pan in the water pan of the chafer.

3. Water Pan:

This water pan houses the food pan as it has deeper with than the food pan and let the food can be heated. You have to fill the water pan only by 1 inch and heat the water. The steam generated will keep the food warm.

4. Stand:

The stand holds all the parts of the chafer altogether and makes it work as one piece. The stand also has a place to keep the fuel and an upper rim which houses the water pan.

5. The Chafing fuel:

The chafer fuel comes in a can which is portable with different burn time. This fuel can be found in gel or liquid form which is very easy to use.

Types of chafers:

You will find so many different models of chafers on our website. The models vary depending on the shapes, size, lid type, and fuel system. Let’s dive into the basic types of chafing dishes we offer.

Shape and purpose wise:

RectangularThe main dish is basically served on this kind of rectangular chafing dishes. The lid, food pan, and water pan all are in rectangular in this design.

OvalThe oval shaped one is also used to serve the main courses in the buffet. All the lid and pans are oval-shaped as suggested by the type name.

RoundThis round chafing dish can be used to serve the side dished, desserts etc. you can also serve the appetizers on this or use a half-round chafing dish.

SquareThis unique chafer is used to serve the appetizers.

Mar mite: This mar mite or soup chafer keeps the soups, sauce, gravies, stew or any other liquid dish warm for a long time.

Drop-In Chafers: These ones are the permanent types. You can install them for serving the food on your counter top or permanent food station.

Chafer Griddle: You can put the cooked items like sandwiches, pancakes, sushi etc. warm for a longer period of time and keep the guests attracted to the food corner.

Coffee Chafer: Keep the coffee hot for the guest with help of this coffee chafer. You can put other hot beverages in it to keep them hot.

According To the Lid Type:

The lid is one of the main parts of the chafer. The lid design also differs. Such as:

Lift Off dome Cover: You can lift and totally separate this type of lid from the chafer. This also comes with a handle. Some models also have a handle holder integrated with the main chafer.

Roll up Cover: This lid system is so user-friendly since the guests don’t have to hold the lid while taking the foods. This lid can rotate 90º and 180 º depending on the specification. The side locks keep the lid in place and help it to rotate. The front handle help to lift and rotate the lid. If you want your chafer to serve the guests from both sides then go for a chafer that can rotate 180 º. This way your guests can take the foods from any side of the table.

Hinged Lid: These lids are hinged on one edge of the main chafer unit. So the guests don’t need to totally remove the lid. All they have to do just lift the lid with the front handle. These models have options to keep the lid open at 45º or 90º. Some models also have a hydraulic or slow-moving hinge. These hinges control the closing speed of the lid. So the lid won’t close suddenly at a full speed even if a guest let go of the lid accidentally. This way the chafer will remain in good shape for a longer time.

Glass top Cover: This type of covers let the guest see the dish inside without lifting the lid. So they can decide whether they want the dish or not easily. This also helps the guests to reach for certain food without any hassle.

Covered Handle: In some models, the handle of the lid is coated with nylon for safety and easy gripping.

Size wise:

Full-Size chafer: This type of chafers are rectangular in size and has a capacity of 8 to 9 quart.

Half size chafer: This comes in square or rectangular shape and contains 4 to 5 quart of dishes.

2/3 size chafing dish: These are usually round or square shaped and contains 5 -6 quarts foods.

Heat source:

Fuel: Some models use fuel in gel or liquid form to create the flame. These fuels came in cans and have a finite ignition time.

Electrical heat source: These chafers have an electric heat source to reduce the hassle of flame. All you need to do is plug the chafer into an electric outlet and the chafer will keep the foods nice and even in the outside buffet parties.

Induction: Induction is the safest way of heating the chafer. Induction chafers potentially heat up the main chafer unit without the help of the water pan and steam. This has more even heat distribution and locks the heat for a longer period of time.

According to finish:

Satin finish: This one is not shiny finish with a smooth feel to touch. This finishing makes the chafer look premium.

Mirror finish: This type of finish of the chafer is shiny and reflective. This will always make your chafer look as new.

Matte finish: This finish has a smooth surface without any shine or reflectiveness.

Brass Trim: The yellowish shine of the brass adds a stylish look to your chafer. The handles and stands are made of brass in this type of chafers.

Copper finish: The reddish chrome makes the chafer looks more elegant.

Gold Trim: The hint of golden color on the handle and stand wall make the chafer stand out even more.

Chrome trim: These chrome trim chafers will attract the guests even more.

Importance of the chafing dish:

Chafers are the life of the food corner in a buffet. So let’s see how you can get the most out of the chafing dishes we offer.

Lock in food temperature:

In buffet or parties, you need to serve the foods warm. And nothing can be better than chafers to keep the foods warm without the hassle of flame and stove. All you need to do is place the foods in the food pan and place the pan in the water plan. The steam from the water will keep the foods warm. In case of the induction chafer, the foods can remain warm without utilizing the water pan.

Locks the moisture:

The lids seal the steam and keep the foods well moist.

A grand way of serving:

The chafers are pretty stylish in look. So serving the foods in the chafers will add elegance to the party.

Budget efficient:

Keeping the chafers at the party venue will save you money as well. Just think how many staff you will need to reheat the foods each time. The more staff you engage the more money you lose. So you can just entrust this heating job to the chafers and relax.

Time efficient:

Since the chafers continuously do the job of maintaining the food temperature, you don’t have to make your guests wait for a certain reheated dish. This will saves your time and the guests will be impressed as well.

Impressive way of displaying the food:

Displaying the foods in a stylish chafers makes the dish look even more appealing. So you can attract more guests to the food corner by simply serving the dishes in a chafing dish.

Warm the bun:

Not only the cooked dishes, can you keep the bun warm with a chafer. This way you can serve a hot sandwich and rolls every time without any hassle.

Coffees are meant to be hot:

Making a good coffee will take time. And reheating will affect the taste. So what can be better than keeping the coffee hot in a continuous process rather than going to the stove or oven? And you can do this continuous heating task with a help of a coffee chafer.

How to set the chafing dish:

Assembling the chafer is very important for safe use. For that:

First, put the base where you want the chafer to be. If the chafer uses fuel than place the fuel cans in the holder and attach the dampening lid. In case of electric or induction chamfer just plug it into an electric outlet.

Then place the water pan and fill it with water up to 1 inch. Light the fuel cans or switch on the electric outlet. Place the food pan inside of the water pan and close the lid.

You are all set.

Safety measures regarding the chafers:

Go for the fuel cans with the maximum burn time for uninterrupted foods serving. Never forget to put the cans in the holder before lighting them. Never try to change the water pan while the in it is still hot. And train your stuff properly to avoid any accidents.

Cleaning the chafers:

The cleaning process of the chafers also affects the longevity of the chafers.

You can clean the water pan and the food with regular dishwasher. But don’t leave them in the sink for long. For the rest of the parts just polish them with stainless-steel cleaner and wipe dry with a towel.

Final words:

If you are arranging any buffet or big party ten a chafer can be your number one helper in serving the foods. All the chafers we offer are high-quality stainless still which will provide longevity if you take care of them properly. You can impress your guests more just by serving the food at the right temperature. And nothing can be better in the task than a chafing dish. This will also save you time, money and energy.

So just look into our website to purchase your chafing dish and make the guests the happiest.