Baggage Scanning System

Best Baggage Scanning System in Bangladesh

Trying to take your security system one step further? Then invest in any of our baggage scanners.

You must have heard the name of the baggage scanners. They are the security machines installed in the airport or private hotels to check the passenger baggage. These machines are one of the greatest aid to the security team since they analysis what is inside the baggage in less time. If there any passenger trying to carry illegal items, the security team can be alert beforehand using these checking technology.

These baggage scanners are an important means of providing security. So you should definitely invest in these baggage scanners to step up your security game.

You will find everything you look for in a baggage scanner on our website. So just browse through the site to get your scanner model as per your need.

Baggage Scanner

Baggage scanner is an electrical security device that is used to check the baggage and luggage with the help of X-ray. X-ray is passed through the baggage while they are going through the tunnel of the machine. Afterward, two detectors receive the X-ray at different time and point, calculate the intensity of the X-ray the received and process the result as an image.

This machine is used to scan the baggage at the airport, restaurant, and residential hotels to ensure that no illegal objects such as drugs, guns can’t pass.

Importance of Baggage Scanner

Regular Checking In Less Time

Checking the baggage of the passengers is a regular task at the airport. But this can take a long time if done manually. But with the help of X-ray baggage scanners, this mammoth task can be done in no time. So this is a real-time efficient way to check the baggage at the airport and railway.

Detecting Illegal guns and Explosive

Smugglers and gun dealers tend to pass these illegal guns and explosive by planes outside to different countries. So detecting them at the airport station is a must. And for detecting explosives and guns kept in the baggage nothing can be better than the baggage scanner. These scanners use X-ray as the medium of detection. Scanners process detect the explosives and guns by calculating the intensity of the X-ray intensity. With the help of these baggage scanners security can find these dangerous and illegal explosives and guns.

Prevent bag jam and save time

These baggage scanners can prevent bag jam due to their fast speed and give customers a sense of satisfaction. Passengers also expect to get their bags on time after the check. So these all is possible because of the fast service of these baggage scanners. This also saves time and manual energy for doing the checking task.

Detect Illegal drugs

Passing illegal and harmful drugs across the countries is one of the main issues in today’s world. And many smugglers try to pass these drugs through planes and railways. So checking the baggage before passing the border is very important. That’s when baggage scanners come into use. These scanners detect the drugs without any failure and aid the national security at the airport and railway.

Avoiding Terrorist Attack

These are so many incidents of a bomb blast at the airport or carrying explosives in the plane to fulfill terrorist activities. These incidents can be prevented by checking all the passenger and their baggage before boarding. And X-ray baggage scanners can detect these bomb and explosives beforehand to alert the security system and take action before the incident even occurred.

Providing Safety for the residential area

Security is not only required at the airport and railway. Places where tourist’s even local people use as residents can also use these baggage scanners for safety purpose.

Where Baggage Scanners Are Used

Baggage scanner is a must have at the airport, residential hotels and other places where security is the first priority.

Airport: Since the airport is one of the important places in a country, ensuring security is the foremost task. Airport security system includes scanning the baggage with these baggage scanner systems. This way airport security can have a glance at all the baggage in no time since the baggage scanning system is so fast with these baggage scanners. This ensures security check in less time with less manual work.

Railway: Railway stations can also include these baggage scanners to provide security to the passengers. Since bombing in the train is not an uncommon incident nowadays. So railway stations should take these baggage scanner systems into consideration.

Residential hotels: Residential places like hotels, motels, resorts also need baggage security checking. And this process is completed with the help of baggage scanners.

Government Building: Government buildings also use baggage scanning system to ensure security.

Corporate Mailroom: Since corporate mailrooms have to deal with lots of parcel and packaging, they rely on these baggage scanners to check these parcels in no time.

RestaurantsSome restaurants also use these type of baggage scanners to scan the handbags of the customers to provide ultimate security.

Protective Measurements

Since X-rays are ionizing particles that can cause cancer and genetic mutation if contacted with human being above a certain range, so there is a safety code for these X-ray baggage scanning system. So that people near the scanning machine can be safe during any kind of accident regarding the scanner.

The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has security recommendation for the people who operate, maintain these scanning machines about the risk of these machines. In the recommendation, these X-ray scanning machine has a certain regulatory form and standard to maintain to let it officially be workable in public contact.

Why You Should Buy From Us

As you already know the importance of these baggage scanners, now you need a authorize place to buy them from.

You can have different models of baggage scanners at our website. The models we offer are efficient enough to please you with the performance. Ask why-

X-ray Scanning technology: All our models use X-ray as the means of scanning the baggage. And finally, produce an image of the objects inside the baggage. You can understand the result easily by this method as the result is in a form of an image.

High Speed: All our scanner models have a high speed of .2m/s for scanning the baggage. So it won’t take you much time to scan a huge amount of baggage. This way you can save time and get the job done at the same time.

High Image quality: The image quality that our scanners produce is of high quality. You can see the results with a good quality resolution of 1280*1024 will aid you in analyzing the results.

Heavy Load capacity: All our baggage scanners can handle the heavy load at a time from 100 kg to 200 kg. This way you don’t have to worry about damaging the scanners by wrong load distribution.

Less system Noise: Our baggage scanners produce less noise which is good for ear and environment. These models produce a maximum of 60dB to 65dB.

Variable Tunnel Size: You have models with different tunnel size. So you can choose from different options as per your need.

Power Efficient: All our baggage scanners are also energy efficient. You can operate them using regular 220 v Ac power supply. These scanners consume approximately .4 KVA -.8 KVA power which is really not much considering a baggage scanner. So this will aid you in energy saving as well.

How the Baggage Scanning System we offer works

As we already describe what a baggage scanner is and why it is important, let’s look into how our baggage scanner models work.

Our models have an X-ray generator to produce X-ray. X-ray is an electromagnetic ray which has a small wavelength alone with high frequency. But as X-ray has less penetrating power so the absorption level differs for different materials. The difference in the intensity of the absorbed X-ray gives us the shape image of the material it is passing through. This principle is used to process an image of all the things inside the bag. When scanned the X-ray passes through the bag and hit the objects inside. The objects absorb and the X-ray in different amount and the black spaces in the black don’t block any X-ray. This undisturbed X-ray is detected by the first detector. The low energy rays are blocked by the objects before going to the second detector. The intensity differences are calculated to produce the results and construct an image of the object.

Models we offer

#1 Multi-energy (Model: EI-6550DV)

You can get this amazing multi-energy model from our website. This one has a 650mm (W) ×500mm (H) tunnel size. This has a conveyor speed of 0.2 m/s with a height of 686mm. it can take a maximum of 160 kg weight with even distribution. This one produces less noise up to 65dB. You will get an image as a result of the resolution of 1280×1024, 17” LCD. This energy efficient model will definitely please you with the performance.

Dual View Multi-Energy (Model: EI-10080DV):

This model has a 1010mm (W) ×810mm (H) tunnel size with a conveyor height of 300mm. the conveyor speed is 0.2 m/s. the scanner itself is 1000 Kg in weight with a dimension of 3795mm×1707mm×1685mm. the working temperature for this model is 0º to +45º and the storage temperature is -40º to +60 º. This operates with 220v AC supply with a frequency of approximately 50Hz.

#2 Multi-Energy (Model: EI-EI-5030D)

This model has a tunnel dimension of 505mm (W) ×305mm (H). The conveyor is 730mm high with a speed of 0.2m/s. this can handle a maximum of 100 kg. This scanner produces 65bB system noise which is considerably less for a scanner. This will give a result image with a resolution of 17” LCD 1280×1024.

#3 Multi-Energy (Model: EI-5030A & Model: EI-5030C)

These multi-energy scanners have a conveyor height of .2m/s with 730mm height. The tunnel size is 503mm (W) ×303mm (H). The noise level is 60dB. This can handle a max load of 100 kg. You will get a 17” LCD 1280×1040 resolution of the resulting image.

#4 Mobile X-ray (Model: EI-6550M)

This unique model has a beam direction system from the top. The tunnel size is 650mm (W) ×500mm (H). This can handle 160 kg load if evenly distributed. The scanner itself is 800 kg in weight. You can operate it with AC power supply of 220 V. since this has a power consumption rate of 0.8 KVA, this one is energy saving as well.

#4 Multi-Energy (Model: EI-7555)

This energy efficient model consumes only 0.45 KVA which is pretty cool. And you will get the tunnel size of 755mm (W) ×555mm (H) which is pretty long. The max load handling capacity is 160 kg. The beam is directed from the bottom in this scanner. You can operate it with regular 220V AC power supply.

#5 Baggage Scanning System-Mail & Small Parcel (Model: XIS-5335)

This one is the most compact of all other models in XIS series which is designed for scanning objects such as purses, backpacks and mail room parcels.

This one has super mobility due to the compact size. It is mounted on a compact frame with a heavy duty roller coasters. You can relocate it anytime anywhere as per the need.

This one has an X-ray generator of 90kV operating at 84kV.

Final Word

Baggage scanners are a must have for maintaining the security of airport, railway station and government buildings. Checking the baggage manually is a mammoth job to do manually. But you can ease this task by installing a baggage scanner at the required location. This will definitely aid you in saving your time and energy and get the checking job done even more efficiently.

The baggage scanners models we offer have everything you look for a baggage scanner. They are fast, accurate, power efficient and more than anything else user-friendly. You can invest in one of these baggage scanners we offer on our site. These baggage scanners will definitely impress you with their performance. They will get you the most accurate result without any failure.