Best Super Shop Freezer & Chiller in Bangladesh for Meat, Fish, Fruits & Vegetables

Are you looking for the best Super Shop Freezer & Chiller in Bangladesh? When it comes to super shop business, very few things are in charge to decide the level of popularity and success. And ‘Food Quality and Nutrients’ are one of them. To ensure the food quality for a profession grade super shop, you need to have steps taken.

Chillers and Freezers for Super Shop is the key to fresh food supplies for your business. People want it fresh and health-friendly and that’s what these machines exactly do.

Though both freezers and chillers have some technical deviation from each other, they serve almost the same purpose. Both of the systems work on Vapour Compression Cycle(VCM).

Importance of Super Shop Freezer & Chiller in Bangladesh

Just other countries of the global village, the expansion of commercial based super shop had been exponential. So, to keep the same standard of service and food, and making such a high amount of potential traffic- really hard game!

So, express the sole benefits of a refrigerator level freezer, here you go-

  • Bacterial Protection for the Food

One of the reasons why open air is harmful to sensitive foods like fish and poultry. Bacteria like Salmonella or Escherichia would start rotating foods in just 12 hours. So, something that can store foods for long-term purposes is a must of a superstore.

  • Perseverance of Nutrients

Preserving nutrients and freshness of foods is something that anyone would like to do. But when it comes to commercial super shop business, it’s hard to keep it all inside, maintenance f it becomes hard. So, you need to have a place where it’s safe, cold and preserved.

  • Less Consumption of Energy

When it comes to commercial cooling systems, chillers and freezers are known to be the least energy consumer. ANd eventually, using good quality chiller system cuts a significant share from the monthly electric bill. As long as you are dealing with the business, such savings is a great way to sustain your business and boost the profit scale.

  • A Great Flexibility

This is a fact where commercial chillers and freezers differ from household ones. A good quality commercial freezer is made in such way that can accomodate with the number of units you need to use. Such adjustment are done is a pretty simple process as well.

  • Your Contribution to A Greener World

As a businessman yourself, you should play your role to make the world greener. Putting everything else apart, you can start it from getting an environment-friendly chiller for your shop. To be exact, the newer models of commercial chillers and freezers come with less emission of harmful chemicals. In addition, less consumption of energy is a plus.

Types of Super Shop Freezer & Chiller

Based on dimension, size(capacity) and energy rating, there can be a number of classifications of super shop freezers and chillers. To make it simple to you, we have a generalized list of them all.

Here you go-

1. Based on Shape and Size

In terms of design, mechanism and external features, these are the set of freezers and chillers available-

  1. Walk-in freezers and chillers.
  2. Under counter freezers and chillers.
  3. Reach in freezers and chillers.
  4. Glassdoor merchandisers.
  5. Prep stations.

2. Based on the Size (Capacity)

Starting from 50 liters for small storage space, you can have till 500 liters. Here is the full list-

  1. 50 Liters.
  2. 100-199 liters.
  3. 200-299 liters.
  4. 300-399 liters.
  5. 400-499 liters.

3. Based on the Energy Rating

According to the global system of rating the energy efficiency in terms of stars, there are three main categories-

  1. A Graded
  2. A+ Graded.
  3. A++ Graded.

The Requirement of Freezer & Chiller in Bangladesh Super Shop

Super Shops in Bangladesh had been quite an important part of the urban life. Not only in the capital, these all-in-one shopping solutions also had been popular in other cities as well. To cope up with the increasing demands of quality foods, chillers and freezers had been a part and parcel of such super shops.

Usually, the type of foods that need to be stored in chillers is those which needs to stay under controlled temperature. Starting from meat and fishes, there is milk and milk-based foods, ready-made foods, food ingredients, medicines and other foods are on the list.

Considering the temperature, and humidity from a geological point of view, two types of chillers and freezers carry much importance-

  1. Chest freezers and chillers.
  2. Upright freezers and chillers.

We will be giving you an overview of both of these groups in the following section-

Chest Freezers for Bangladesh Super Shop

Chest freezers are quite made for ready-made food items, vegetables, and groceries. If you have to store frozen vegetables, ready meals and desserts, go for a chest freezer that is of small size.

And if you want to accommodate a bugger cut of such meals that don’t fit on upright freezers, go for a medium sized chest freezer. Even larger sized models of them will magically reduce the number of trips customers do in the mall.

There are some important storage facilities that come with chest freezers. With the bigger compartments, most of our chest freezers offer a set of smaller compartments. You can use them to keep items that are smaller in size.

Upright Freezers for Bangladeshi Super Shops

If your super shop of the food business is not so large in size, and you need separate storage for each of your items, upright freezers will be a great pick. It’s just like the freezer that is used in homes. Especially, for chilling liquid items like milk, custards, drinks, and water, these are the freezer type that you should go.

One great advantage of these upright freezers is, they come with the first free technology. What it means is, you don’t have to spend additional time to defrost them up.

There are three more variations under upright freezers- The Small Ones, the Under-counter Ones, and the Tall ones. Based on the size, the storage area differs. Most of the other facilities remain all the same.

What to Look Before Buying Super Shop Freezer & Chiller

Both freezers and chillers have an abundance of sizes and functions to offer. Therefore, buying one for your commercial space can be a hard nut to crack. For you to be more specific about your demands, we have prepared this handy buying guideline.

Here you go-

Choose the Right Size

For the best output in terms of long-term business works like super shop, there is no chance that you get a wrong size of freezer or chiller. So, know about all the available sizes of freezers, and chose the best one for you.
For Bangladesh Supershops, we have four different options available-

– Compact Freezers of 5 Cubic ft.
– Small Freezers of 6-9 cubic ft.
– Medium Freezers of 12-18 cubic ft.
– Large Freezers of 18+ cubic ft.

Be Aware of Excessive Energy Consumption

As we all know, devices that deal with heating and refrigerating, cost way lot that other electronic And the cost efficiency of the freezer is directly related to energy rating of it.
Each of the freezers is labeled with EU standard A/A+/A++ and that shows how much cost per year it will take from your pocket.

Have A Look at the Star Rating

Each of the chillers you will find on our site has their own star rating labeled. And that label can let you have a clear idea of what’s inside. As an example, a 4-star rated freezer can store frozen food for about 12 months.

However, here is the full details of the star rating of chillers and freezers

1 star- Usually operated in between a cooling temperature range of 0 to -6 degree Celsius.
2 star- Usually operated in between a cooling temperature range of 0 to -12 degree Celsius.
1 star- Usually operated in between a cooling temperature range of 0 to -18 degree Celsius.
1 star- Usually operated in between a cooling temperature range of 0 to -20 degree Celsius.

Chiller Vs. Cooler- Which One Do You Need Right Now?

Both of the refrigerating devices work on the same principle. It’s called the VCM cycle method. Using a condenser, a compressor, and evaporator, the entire system runs itself

But when it comes to the action, there are some technical differences. It lies in the cooling materials(coolants) and temperature range.

Chillers are cooling liquids only and the temperature that it maintains is from -1 to 7 degree Celsius. On the other hand, freezers are enclosed areas that can maintain a temperature from the range of -20 to -35 degree Celsius.

Types of Super Shop Freezer & Chiller with a Short Introduction

#1 Vibrate Chiller (Three doors chiller, two door chillers and one door chiller)

When maximum capacity is your requirement you can go for a three-chiller door without any hesitation. These doors will provide an extreme capacity of 1500 to 2000 liters of space. Besides you can preserve your foods in +1 to +5-degree centigrade temperature.

So, don’t worry about the condition of your food. That responsibility you can provide to this freeze with the ultimate trust. Like this 2 door and single door, chillers are also available which provides you with the same temperature for preservation in a comparatively smaller capacity to preserve.

You can find more details here about the Three doors chiller, two door chillers and one door chiller

#2 Super Shop fish display chiller

This type of chillers is specially designed for preserving the fish. Along with this, it’ll work like a good-looking showcase to show fishes in it. The usual height generally limits within 906 mm and the preserved temperature remains (-5 to +18 ℃) degree centigrade. It’ll work as a showcase of fish to facilitate the vision of a multi-collection of fishes along with.

You can find more details here about the Super Shop fish display chiller

#3 Super Shop chillers for meat display

A 906 mm chillers are also available in the market that is specially designed to ensure the better vision of meat arrangement for the customer. -5 to +18 degree temperature is usually maintained here to provide the best protection of the preserved meat. The design is made in such a way that the customer will get the highest attraction to look at the meat in it.

You can find more details here about the Super Shop meat display chiller

#4 Island freezer

Another freezer, comparatively longer size is available in the market called island freezer. These freezers are from 1570, 2070 & 2570 mm in length. There is some facility to join the compartments towards the length to ensure the best suitability. -0 to -18 degrees centigrade of temperature is generally maintained in it. Ice cream or such like products are preserved in it.

You can find more details here about the Island freezer

#5 Fruits & Vegetable Chiller

Want to make the best arrangement of fruits and vegetables to your customer? Any fruits and vegetable display chiller will be the perfect solution. The design of these types of chillers is specially made considering the best visual suitability for fruits and vegetables to the customer.

The preserving temperature is +0 to +10 degrees centigrade which is perfect for fruit and vegetable preservation. The height starts at 1066.8 mm and ends at 3810 mm feet to meet your requirement. The space of the chillers is distributed in several shelves to facilitate the arrangement.

You can find more details here about the fruits & vegetable chiller