Best Super Shop Ice Maker Machine in Bangladesh: The #1 Brand


To reveal the products as spick and span it is more convenient for each super shop to use a vast amount of ice. And an ice maker machine is best in ice making.   

For a large amount of production than a refrigerator, an ice maker machine is a crying need for your super shop. A commitment to a high efficient solution to the continuous demand in the shop. These ice maker machines offer different types of ice to fulfill your demand. Different types of ices are preferable for different types of super shop’s products. The processes of making ice for all the types are same but vary in ice size or compressor or accessories.

Importance of Super Shop Ice Maker Machine

If the standard level of an ice maker machine falls down, beneficial growth of your profit won’t grow as well. And then, this condition will let the standard of the service of the super shop falling down. Here below the important factor of an ice maker machine. 

  • Best Commercial Overview:

One of the most significant differences with the domestic refrigerator, the amount of producing ice at a time. Production rate is unbelievably high and it is important for a daily maintenance in a super shop.

  • Ample Storage Capacity:

It is also must for a super shop to have a storage capacity to a least level to provide service without any mess. In the super shop ice maker machine, an excellent storage capacity is available. The quantity of the capacity varies from one model to another model.

  • Impacts on Growth of Unbeneficial Bacteria:

In the natural air, harmful bacteria grow as fast as nothing can grow. In the usual ice maker, there is a storage bin which protects the ice in kind of airtight condition. So, a continuous protection is necessary for storing which is already built in the ice maker.

  • Requires Less Energy:

You must want to grow your business. For this, monthly savings will let you cut a good figure in your total benefits. An ice maker is best at consuming less energy and doesn’t affect in making the ice cubes. And thus where your savings starts.  

  • Prominent for Perfect Shape of Ice:

It plays a key role in making ice cube as it is not only just making the cubes, the shape has to be high quality to offer executive service to your super shop. Ice maker won’t provide such shape of ice cubes which won’t be remunerative for your super shop.

Types of Super Shop Ice Maker Machine

Considering ice making types, ice types, compressor types, and ice machine sizing a variety of numbers can be found. So here we have tried to make a complete package of information regarding the different types of ice maker machine.

Let’s see:

Types of Commercial Super Shop Ice Maker Machine

1. Based on Ice Maker:

There can be basic similarities between the different types of ice maker but for commercial uses, it can affect your business. So mainly four types of ice maker can be found. 

  • Modular Ice Maker
  • Self-Contained Ice Maker
  • Counter loop Ice Maker
  • Combinations Ice Maker

2. Based on Different Types of Ice:

Different types of commercial use ice cubes types can vary. So, here is different types of ice maker machine you can catch up below.

  • Cube Ice
  • Nugget Ice
  • Flake Ice

3. Based on Compressor Types

Considering the compressor types in the market you can find different types of compressor. So, here you can see

  • Air-Cooled
  • Water Cooled
  • Remote Cooled

Best Ice Maker Machine for Bangladesh Super Shop

Considering the need and choice of the people, the concept of the super shop is grasping popularity in Bangladesh. You can easily get the daily based groceries or other product from the nearby super shop. Urban choices always lead to smooth and comparatively easiest way.

So, based on the demand, super shops also have to be qualified enough to tote value to the people’s choices and for that, you have to choose machinery for your super shop based on such point of views like as the temperature and humidity effect.

In Bangladesh, like other Asian region countries, temperature and humidity create a barrier to store safely in your super shop, items like fishes, meats or beverages. In visualizing this obstacle we have found two types of ice maker machine which will be suitable most in the present geological condition of Bangladesh.

  1. Modular Ice Maker Machine
  2. Self-Contained Ice Maker Machine

We have given an overview concept regarding these two types of ice maker machine below.

Have a look-

#1 Modular Ice Maker for Bangladesh Super Shop

If you are in demand for a large number of cubes constantly for preserving the foods, beverages, sea-foods, fishes for a longer time in front of the customers then the modular ice machine will be the right choice for you.

And also you may need to transport the foods with ice cubes so that it doesn’t rotten. You should go than for this modular ice maker as it can generate a huge amount of ice on a day which won’t melt easily.

Not only you will get the huge amount but also you are getting ample of storage capacity as well. Include this magnet side of this type of ice maker.

Furthermore, if you want to give a 360 solution for your customer by upholding health care related products than also this ice maker can be the best choice.

#2 Self-Contained Ice Maker Machine for Bangladesh Super Shop

It is not necessary that you will need always a huge amount of ice cubes or flakes all day long. So, it can’t be the solution to have such model which is costly and eventually you won’t be able to be beneficial from this. In this situation, the right product can be the self-contained ice maker for your super shop. It contains a storage bin inside itself and you can keep those cubes free from the bacteria and slime. 

You can use the cubes and flakes ice for maintaining the standard to uphold the products of your super shops as like as you are able to do with modular ice maker. You can store the fishes, meats and be including the soft drinks and soda. 

In addition, alarming system and control panel also has been proclaimed in some models for both of the modular and self-contained ice maker.

What to Look before Buying Ice Maker Machine in Bangladesh:

You should be more specific about your demands as you have to lead a super shop to cope up with the demand taking into account your business growth. In a different view of angle, you can’t be susceptible to meet up with your desired level of requirement.

So, we have made a convenient list which will be your facile buying guidelines.

Here you go-

Size Matters:

Ice maker machine usually is much bigger. It can take a lot of space than your requirement. Before buying the machine for your super shop, calculate the space available and the dimension of your elected ice maker machine. Otherwise, you will be stuck into the crux.

For Bangladesh super shop some common ice maker machine

  • Modular ice maker: 8 cubic feet
  • Self-contained ice maker: 7 cubic feet
  • Nugget ice maker: 6.5 cubic feet

Choose by Capacity and production

Ice cubes can be needed to be stored into a comparatively safe storage where bacteria won’t grow. With the capacity provider, you can find the best ice maker machine like a modular machine which produce almost 160 kg per day. Self-contained ice maker has low production around 50 kg per day. There is also small and large capacity difference in ice makers like around 40 kg and 340 kg.    

Fulfill the requirement of Ice Size

It is important to be aware of the proper ice size that you should use for the different section in the super shop. As mentioned earlier, ice cubes can be three types and among them, regular ice cubes can also become of different types. As it melts slowly, its demand is at the top for commercial business.

Nugget cubes are not common in super shop facilities as health care communities prefer this type of cubes.

Flakes sized cubes are prominent for using displaying meats, seafood and fish.

Be sure about what you want. 

Look Upon Power Consumption

Usually, ice maker doesn’t consume much power but some models require high voltage power to frost the water. A standard ice maker consumes 6 kW for 50 kg production. You have to deal with the specifications of the model that you will choose. 

Have an overview of Condenser

Most of the people forget about the importance of a condenser or compressor whereas it is such a significant part of an ice machine that without it water won’t ever turn itself into ice.

Depending on the purified air or water you should choose the right ice maker for your super shop. The most costly one is the remote cooler as it doesn’t make so much noise like air or water cooled. 

Check the Additive Accessories

Sometimes you may need different accessories which toted extra number in your budget. Like water filters which remove impurities from the water, you may need sometimes also storage bin if you buy a modular ice machine.

Ice Maker vs. Refrigerator: Which One Do You Need Right Now?

The working principle goes as same as for the refrigerator and ice maker using the compressor but there is a huge difference between the profit gain by huge production rate at a minimal cost.

Relatively a refrigerator needs 600 kWh in a month where an ice maker normally works around 300 kWh in a month. So here the demand for energy directly contacts with the monthly cost.

And more important fact an ice maker can produce up to 100 kg of ice in a single day which is an impossible task for a refrigerator.

Types of Super Shop Ice Maker Machine with a Short Description

#1 Flake Ice Maker Machine

If it is your choice to down the temperature quickly, flake ice maker machine will be your best option. You can also keep the products safe and secure by using the flake-shaped ice. This is the most natural shape ice that you can also chew easily which is difficult in case of cube shape ice and for that the customers prefer sometimes ice with the beverages or bears. Flake ice will melt down easily around the food like meat, fishes. Therefore, you can get a relief by using flake ice maker as it is most important to frost the rotten items as soon as possible. And another fact is that the size of the ice is relatively so small that you can mold these to any shape that you want.   

#2 Pearl Ice Maker Machine

This type of ice maker provides slow melting ice and which is beneficial for convenient type store and healthcare related products as these items prefer which acts slowly but without losing standard. This usual pearl ice maker is also known by nuggets or cube lets ice maker. In the display, salad bars, soft drinks items can be displayed by this pearl ice machine. One of the most important things is that the pearl ice doesn’t stick together which is adjuvant for the food products.

#3 Compressor-Based Ice Maker Machine (Water, Air or Remote Cooled)

While you are choosing the ice maker considering the size and container, you may also need to select the ice maker based on compressor type.

Air cooling ice machine demands 6 feet at inlet and outlet of the air. But it is not the end, this is the most cost-efficient also and you will find some of the models as energy consumer product.

Water cooling system introduces to those places where air ventilation is not affordable and not enough to meet the demand. Whereas, you will need the water cooled ice machine where the supply of air is polluted. Space-related problems also can meet the solution by this water cooled ice machine.

Remote cooling based ice machine works by following air cooling type but the compressor is formed on the roof. So the system becomes soundproof. But at the end, it is closely related to the earning and buying and for that reason, a remote control compressor based ice maker can cut a good figure in your budget.


Only you can understand, what is best for you. We can only make you aware. That’s our duty. But you have to choose. You have to be careful to choose ice maker machine for your super shop.