Light Storage Unit

Wholesale Sales Unit/Warehouse Shelves

  • Gondola Size: Height: 6’feet (Customization available)
  • Length: 4’ feet (Customization available)
  • Depth: 2’.8” (Customization available)
  • Frame  thickness: 9cm
  • Rack frame thickness: 7cm
  • Number of shelves: 4 salves (Customization available)
  • Materials: Iron frame & Stainless Steel
  • Models: Different model available
  • Uses: Warehouse, Wholesale, heavy load items, retail shop etc.


If you have visited our site and if you have an idea about our product then you can differ this rack with the others. Yes, the rack is totally different from the other rack. The primary difference of the rack is it has a standing frame on its every side. The rack is triangular in shape, and it has four stands on each corner. And that is why the rack is more stable than the other racks. The stands are strong enough, and the stands are made durable so that the rack can give you long-lasting performance.

The construction material of the rack is stainless steel and iron. The stainless steel is used to make the stands of the rack. That is why the stands are more durable than the other average quality rack stands. On the other hand, the rack has a total of 4 shelves that are made of iron. And after making the shelves, special types of coating is applied to the frame of the shelves so that it doesn’t get rust and corrosion. If you need a rack super shop shelf that is more strong and more durable, you can get this light storage unit. You may find so many display racks in Bangladesh, but the few are stronger as light storage units.

If you get this rack unit, you will get all the opportunities for customizing the size of the rack. The default size of the rack is 6’in height and 3-4’in width and the depth of the rack 2’8’’. You can customize the size from every angle. It is really a great advantage for any customer. You can definitely purchase the light storage rack for your super shop, warehouse, wholesale store, retail store, and other shops also. The rack is also available in different models. So, get the rack that you like most.

Prominent Features of Light Storage Unit

  • Sturdy Construction Materials: The stands of the rack are made of high-quality stainless steel. On the other hand, the shelves’ frames of the rack are made of iron. We hope you can imagine the strength of the rack.
  • Thick Frame: The stands and frames are strong and durable, you know. But how it becomes durable? The thickness of the frame is 9cm, and the rack frame thickness is 7cm. It will also be good performing if the frame is thinner. This grade is used for delivering heavy-duty performance.
  • Customizable Size: This is a great opportunity for you. You can get the rack as your preferred size. If you want to customize the height, we allow. If you customize the width and depth, we also allow. And even you can also customize the number of shelves. Can you get this opportunity from otherwhere?
  • Heavy-Duty: All the racks are not used for storing and displaying heavy weighted goods, but it is. The rack is made for bearing heavy weighted items and give your longer performance. If you need a heavy-duty rack, it is perfect for you.
  • Portable: Another advantage of using the rack is portability. Because of this feature, you can move the rack anytime, anywhere. It also doesn’t require much effort to be moved. Just pull the rack taking the help of another person and move it.


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