Automatic Swing Barrier:Fully Automatic Motorized

Technical Specification

Description Parameter
Cabinet dimension 1500M (L) x 1006mm (W) x 990mm (H)
Power supply AC220V / AC85 – 230V
Machinery Mechanism Lossless mechanism
Voltage DC 24V (brushless motor)
Access device input voltage 6 channel relay control output4 channel dry contact signal input
Optimal flow rate 20 to 25 people per minute
Gate opening speed 2.2 sec
Reset time when power on 3s
Working environment Indoor only
Working temperature -15℃ – 60℃
Relative humidity ≤ 90%


Fully automated motorized swing barrier has the slimmest form factor save space which enables to put more gates to allow simultaneous passage of higher traffic. System is equipped with high speed motor to make the passage faster and as more glass element is used for the body, so maintaining the beautification of the entrance is an option with ample opening clearance to pass through small to mid-sized luggage.

Rugged Brushless Motor: System is equipped with rugged brushless motor so frequent changing of brush is not required which ensures long unhindered operation through time.

Elegancy with Robustness: Body main frame is built by stainless steel which gives the system a strong base where it’s slim form factor and high-quality glass panel material with an elegant arc design confirms the ace quality of beautification of entrance of any building complex.

Advanced Sensory System: Automated motorized swing barrier is equipped with advanced IR and motion sensor meshing. By which it has the ability to automatically reverse its direction of movement if IR sensor senses any obstacle or small resistant force is sensed by motion sensor.

In addition, if the barrier collided with the passing people upon closing the barrier, system will auto reverse it to avoid injury. This smart technology of programmable sensory system provides not only the assurance of safety but also full confidence of maintaining welcoming atmosphere.

Enhanced Alarm Notification: Fully automated motorized swing barrier comes with on-built alarm buzzer which is triggered in case of activity of tail-gating, passing through without authorization or wrong direction.

Possible Add-on / Upgrade:


Description of Automatic Swing Barrier

Who doesn’t want ecstasy on any sphere of life! And in case of a commercial complex of any building entry is the point where impression about the owner starts to grow in any client’s mind. But as it is said, entrance claims the first level of protection regarding building safety, so it is considered very unprotected if no safety measure is practiced on entrance for ensuring welcoming environment for client to draw her positive attention. Considering your problem our top priority, we bring you the fully automated motorized swing barrier system.

Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier System is built of stainless steel and arc designed with strong glass barrier which ensures outstanding look of any entrance with ecstasy. This system can be easily integrated with RFID card reader and biometric fingerprint as well. So unwanted or unauthorized entry can be restricted.

Swing barrier which is made of glass with nicely designed arc, can open full passage for the people which not only allows the free movement but also pass on low to medium sized luggage quite easily. Handicapped people will also feel welcomed as free space allows to move wheelchair at ease.

Main concept of designing the Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier is to maintain ultra-slim form factor to serve the purpose of the entrance where number of people’s entry are needed simultaneously. For its slim form factor, number of swing barrier can be set even in smaller place which ensures the secured entry with very fast speed maintaining disciplined in case of large number of people.

Which enables the swing barrier to be set in highly congested places like school, universities, college, bank, hospitals, hotels, government buildings and so forth. It’s advanced electronic circuitry ensures any false trigger incident to be faced without disturbing any user. If the swing barrier accidentally triggered and hit any user who is about to pass, the barrier will instantly start reversing its direction.

So, hospitality level will not be risked for the client. In a word Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier is fine edition for your building complex which is within your affordability and gives you full taste of ecstasy and security.


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