Fence Arm Barrier Gate

Technical Specification

Description Parameter
Mechanical temperature -40° to 75 C
Electrical temperature -10° to 75 C
Power supply input 220V ± 10% AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 80 watts – 1.25A @240V
Relative humidity < 90 %
Arm speed 6 Second
Internal lubrication Grease
Possible Field of Usage
Multistoried Residence
Office Complex
Shopping Mall
Amusement parks


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Parking Barrier System is an automatic or even manual depending on the condition of the requirement rising arm barrier to control vehicle access for certain points to ensuring safety and security to ensure an automated or semi-automated car parking system. Fence Arm Barrier gate is the suitable attachment in the area where ceiling height is a challenge for rising arm barrier. For its foldable arm barrier, it can easily be installed in underground or basement type parking location or anywhere with low ceiling height.

Features of Best Fence Arm Barrier Gate

The added benefit of Safety: For the facility of Fence Arm, this type of gate provides even more protection by restricting any person who would try to gain access by crawling under the gate.

Blue Speed Motor: For reinforcing mechanical system, blue speed motor provides low RPM with maximum power. It serves two purposes simultaneously. Gives the gate a vibration free action and eliminates the requirement for excessive maintenance due to less wear.

Largely Customizable:  This car parking barrier system is a versatile solution for car parking which enables it to be customized as per as client demands like to be automated or human interfaced semi-automatic, vehicle identification.

Heat Ventilation System: To minimize performance degradation due to over-heating, the high-performance cooling fan is set inside which assure long run time without machine overheating.

Anti-Collision Program: Owner of the building complex has always thrown a question regarding the Anti-fool or intelligent criteria of the parking barrier system. As for what if the Fence Armbar hit the car during an incident or if machine malfunctioned. But after equipping Dual Sensor the system confirms the anti-collision ability. If the armbar accidentally hit any car during closing, the sensor will pick up the current surge and instantly raise the armbar to avoid injury.

Advanced NLS V2 TECHNOLOGY: Equipped with advanced magnetic technology to sense vehicle passing which finally overcomes the blind spot using an optical sensor like ambient light, corner section etc.

Double Shock Absorber Spring: For ensuring smoother arm motion and braking, two springs are used instead of one which helps to reduce vibration and shake less operation.

Mechanically Refined Design of Arm Lever: Advanced lever design with microcontroller-based motor control system provides the very small amount of vibration during arm swing which assures less bouncing at the end position.

Upgradable add-on Accessories

Mid-Range Reader: Work same as WIRELESS READER up to the range of 0.7m to 1.2m.

Safety IR Beam: Works like a vigilant guard who monitors if the barrier arm accidentally hit any car by false triggering or by the driver who voluntarily or non-voluntarily break the rules of passing barrier gate. So, this makes the Car Parking Barrier System 100% fool-proof and safe for the vehicle.

Wireless Long-Range Reader: Those who want the premium ecstasy of notified the gate to open without window down or slow down, can use long-range RFID tag which can be detected by the RFID reader up to 1.5m to 7m. It helps during rainy weather to avoid getting hand wet and ensures exposure to robbery threat.

BlueSpeed motor: uses lowest possible rotation speed (RPM) with our force rotation ratio technology to achieve high-speed opening. This reduces mechanical wear and effectively eliminates any maintenance servicing on the motor.

Signboard: Signboard is important to direct a user to use correctly to avoid unwanted vehicle congestion. Materials used for signboard are so light and illuminated upon falls of the light ray that it creates no extra weight on barrier arm.

Loop Detector: Loop detector will trigger barrier gate to close automatically after vehicle complete passed through. Which avoids the risk of system arm closing before the vehicle passes.

Traffic Light: Mini traffic light reduces the case of vehicle accidentally crashing the barrier arm. The traffic light is weatherproof based, which specially designed for outdoor usage.

Overview of Fence Arm Barrier Gate

We valued your concern what makes us motivated to keep your safety ensured. In order to confirm your requirement to be fulfilled, we present you the “Car Barrier Parking System”. From now on, no one has to think of their vehicle safety when they have engaged their official activity or with family in shopping or watching the movie in the holiday.

We also valued your concern for saving time. Dwellers of vehicle congested city like Dhaka has to waste so many times on vehicle parking on several locations like the shopping mall, hotels, cinema halls only due to uncontrolled traffic and for culturing non-systemic vehicle parking procedures. By installing a full system of our Car Parking Barrier System, the scenario like this can be changed overnight. It will bring tastes to the vehicle operators to follow rule wise parking.

We also keep in mind the demand and ability ratio for our valued customer sake. Many clients want to meet the all of the possible safety means but pricing is also a major contender. Even have the greater interest of keeping all the safety measure, they back footed considering the huge investment.

Higher quality products ensure smooth mode of operation and longer lasting possibility with non-frequent maintenance but the cost is also high for availing the service for many customers. On the other hand, lower quality products try to draw attention to their cheap price but as we say “There are Three Conditions of Cheap Product”. It doesn’t ensure smooth mode of operation and has to be ensured frequent maintenance otherwise the whole system malfunctioned pretty soon which is at least not the wish of any customer.

Global Automation Limited tries to balance the performance and cost to an excellent ratio so that we provide such products which are well balanced among performance, stability, and affordability. We do not provide you world’s best quality product which cost too high to afford. But that doesn’t mean we provide you such product which quality is so poor which will break down after 2 hours of operation to minimize the cost.

Our provided Car Parking Barrier Gate can cope up with industrial, commercial and residential application quite easily. Car parking barrier system is most common in many countries and in some cases, they are mandatory for because of car barrier parking system is the fundamental moderator of fighting vehicle congestion and ensuring systematic parking with the anti-theft system. To add extra efficiency, our barrier gate can be modified in different ways.

The user can choose between manual or automatic system. For the manual system, a security guard will be engaged as the operator of the barrier gate. When a vehicle comes to the purpose of parking the vehicle, the security guard will at first ensure that the car is safe to be parked for the establishment. He doesn’t need to open the barrier at first before the confirmation of the vehicle identity.

After confirming the identity, the operator will use the provided button to open the gate. So, the controller can easily maintain the order of the car parking as the car insertion option is totally on his monitoring with the help of barrier gate. If our honorable client wants the premium ecstasy, then he also can go for the automatic system by which every authorized vehicle will have a unique RFID tag by which only allowable vehicle can use the parking slot. Which can give the prominent solution of restriction of unwanted vehicle entry?

Our specific add-on of the gate will also ensure the safety of the vehicle. By using loop detector and IR bean enhancement, gate closing after vehicle passing can be assured and if any cases gate closes and the arm hits the car, the anti-collision sensor will instantly hold up the barrier arm without damaging the vehicle. CCTV enhancement also can be applied if the user demands to keep visual track of every vehicle entry or exit.

Also, wireless RFID tag can be used if the user wants only the entry of selected vehicles. If the user wants to restrict congested situation of vehicle passes, then he could use the barrier system to a time sorted the passage of the vehicle. In order to digitized your parking lot, our barrier system is your dreamt solution.


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