Full Height Turnstile System

Technical Specification

Parameter Description
Power and Voltage AC 220V
Machinery mechanism MTHT™ Lossless mechanism
Communication interface Dry contact / RS485 / RS232
Passing speed 20 ~ 30people / min
Operation Temperature -15 ℃ ~ 60℃
Operation voltage DC 24V
Rated power 30W (normally open)
Working environment Indoors/outdoors
Humidity temperature 0 ~ 95% (non- condensation)
Operation times ≥5 million times


Stainless steel full height turnstile system is designed for controlling high flow of individuals while achieving maximum access security control. For its robust full high arm setup, any visitor or personnel with intention of vandalism, thievery, unauthorized entry will not be able to crawl underneath or climb over to gain access into premise.

Full height turnstile can effective control single pass through each time which makes the entry disciplined and free from congested human traffic. For its unique design of rotating for one direction and versatility in huge mode of customization enables it a as a unique solution for public access control facility.

Robust Design:  Element used for the body of full height turnstile is stainless steel which makes the turnstile to be reinforced for any attempt of vandalism. Besides, it can tolerate huge amount of punishment equal to the force of 70Kg before break down.Also, full height of the turnstile enables it to restrict anyone who tries to crawl or climb to violate safety regulations.

Versatility at Customization: Full Height Turnstile System can easily be integrated with biometric fingerprint system or RFID card reader to sort out authorized people access from unauthorized people. Building administration can keep the track of entry log as well as the number of people present in the building complex.

Emergency Recovery:Installing turnstile gate might become concern to the owner as the assurance of easy passage during power failure, earth quake or fire evacuation. Our Full Height Turnstile System is intelligently designed that will drop its arm automatically during power failure and arm drop can be manually triggered to allow the free passage of inside building people in case of fire incident, earth quake etc.

Self-Centering:Our Full Height Turnstile System has gone through strong R&D team supervision to makes it free from weakness. It has the self-centering mechanism by which if the rotation is done more than a half then rest of the rotation will be done automatically to complete full rotation.

As same as, if the rotation is done less than a half then it will automatically fall-backward to its origin position. This mechanism resists the arm to be rotated half way by someone so unauthorized person become unable to enter.Also, this highly discourages tail gating as tail gating attempt would injure the person.

Durable and Minimum Maintenance:Internal mechanism are solid and strong and gear mechanism are also made of rugged materials.Internal gear mechanism and solenoid valves are also built of anti-rust materials which keeps the turnstile free from jamming or clunky sound during rotation which also ensures the prominence of the entrance. It doesn’t hum for frequent maintenance and prolonged trouble-free life span.

Ecstasy with Safety:As the build quality and design are done by the concept of enhancing beautification with assurance of total security, it will fathom deep the welcoming atmosphere of your building complex’s entrance with secured and authorized environment.

Memory function: Memory will record the sequence of passing (same or opposite direction). Passing request will be executed according to the sequence recorded.


Full Height Turnstile System is considered as package of total entrance safety of any organization or building complex. Its robust structure of full height enables it to restrict unauthorized access via any means. Entrance of any building complex should be secured and protective measures to restrict any kind of unauthorized entry as entrance is considered as first level of protection of building security.

Also, high human flow makes the entrance noisy and full of gathering and undisciplined movement at busy places like garments, factory, educational institute. Besides, entrance should culture a welcoming attire for the guests because entrance also portrait the taste of prominence of the owner.

Full Height Turnstile is a package solution of all this issues like security, ecstasy and maintaining higher level of beautification. Also, it features ability to be integrated with multiple access control devices like bio-metric fingerprint scanner, RFID card reader etc. by which only authorized person who holds the RFID card or pre-scanned fingerprint in the data system will be permitted to entry. Hence, building security doubled up from any attempt thievery, vandalism, data hacking etc.


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