Handheld Chemical Trace Detector

To trace unauthorized and dangerous chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals of any entering vehicle in a facility or building complex, Handheld Chemical Trace Detector is a versatile solution.

Possible Field of Usage

  • Airport
  • Post Office
  • Customs
  • Ports
  • Police
  • Defense
  • Prisons
  • Courts
  • Smuggling Suppression
  • Narcotics Suppression

Technical Specification

Parameter Description
Technology Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Substance Detected GB, GD, GF, VX, HD, etc.
Sensitivity 0.1mg/m3 (GB)
Sample Collection Non-contact Vapor Collection
Power 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Battery 22.2VDC, lithium ion battery, work more than 4h, stand-by time: ≥8h
Alarm Audio & visual, identify and calculate the relative concentration
Dimensions 367x122x161 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 3.0kg (with battery)
Working Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity ≤95%
Interface USB, RS232
Data Memory 240000 records



IMS Technology: Device is equipped with IMS technology which stands for Ion Mobility Spectrometry, an independently developed system.

High Sensitivity: Equipped with robust sensory which makes the device ultra-sensitive and responsive to chemical warfare agents / toxic industrial chemical.

Environmental Suitability: Has self-calibration so the device quickly adapts with the environment of the place of application.

TFT Display: In order to visualize the name and relative concentration of the CWAs, device has a TFT display.

Easy to Handle: Designed with special care focusing on keeping the weight as minimum as possible to increase the comfortability in hand-held usage.

High Memory: Device is capable of holding almost 240000 records which can be reviewed for analysis as per demand.

Data Interface: For transferring data and accessing the records, USB and RS232 ports are present in-built device.


If you want to secure your premises away from the touch of chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals then Handheld Chemical Trace Detector is your choice of demand. It is a hand-held scanner which can figure out presence of chemical agent within a vehicle within a moment.

A lucrative look is ensured for the beautification as it will work like a charm and will be considered as a fine enhancement in hand of entrance security. To eliminates environmental offset, system has self-calibration mode by which it can be used in several harsh environments. Working method is quite simple and fast responsive. So that doesn’t pose any threat to the welcoming atmosphere of the entrance. Vehicle operator doesn’t have to wait for too long. In a word, one can easily bolster his entrance defenses and keep the facility safe from chemical warfare agents by using Handheld Chemical Trace Detector.


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