Hotel Door Bell Touch Panel

Technical Specification

Parameter Description
Dimension 86mm*86mm*25mm
Bell Chime Dimension 155mm*105mm*45mm
Voltage 50/60Hz 110~240V AC
Distance of Network Cable Connection < 100m
Operate Temperature -10℃~60℃
Operate Humidity 10~95% RH
Indicator Red & Blue LED backlight
Doorbell Chime Melody “Ding Dong” Sound
Operation Mode Touch Design


Features of Hotel Door Bell Touch Panel

Longer Lasting Time: The temper of the touch point is 1 million times where for the touch point relay has life time of 100 thousand time. Longer lifespan eliminates the possibility of frequent changing the button.

Attractive Design & Build Quality: Finishing touch of the body is quite charming.Super-Luxuriously Designed and Made of Pc Fire Resistant, Isolative and Overall Glass Panel with Black Color.

Easily Interfaceable:The wiring method is very easy as like normal electrical wiring to work with AC power.

Best Uses for
  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Luxurious Household
  • Apartment Building


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