Hotel Door Bell System

Hotel Door Bell is a modern element of hotel management system. It is decorated panel for using doorbell with lucrative body and electronic touch panel. From this device, user inside the hotel room or any room where hotel doorbell touch panel system is installed can send the data to show the desired mood of the user on the outdoor panel.

  • Super-Luxuriosly Designed And Made Of Pc fire Resistant, Isolative And Overall Glass Panel With Black Color.
    • Unique Backight Touch Key Design, Ensure The Operate Clearly And Easily At Any Light Environment.
    • Llluminated Led Indicator Design, Meets Modern Trend, And Is Convenient To Be Recognized At Night.
    • Fit For Hotel Room Automatic System, Message Managing System, Easy To Manage The Hotel Room.
    • Unique Sounded Main Body, Sweet-Sounding And Comfortable.

Technical Specification

Parameter Description
Dimension 86mm*86mm*46mm
Maximum Consumption 5W
Voltage 110~240V AC, 50/60Hz
Maximum Load 4A
Operate Temperature -10℃~60℃
Operate Humidity 50℃ 10~95% RH
Best Uses for
  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Luxurious Household
  • Apartment Building


Features of Hotel Door Bell System

Unique Back light Design: In order to make the button easily interface-able in low-light, every touch key is designed with its own back light.

Multiple Color: As per the appetite of the user, there are various color are available. User can easily pick the suitable color as per the color of the door or closest environment.

Attractive Design & Build Quality: Finishing touch of the body is quite charming.Super-Luxuriously Designed and Made of PC Fire Resistant, Isolate and Overall Glass Panel with Black Color.

Overview Hotel Door Bell System

To provide a super-luxurious look into a residence building complex or hotel, touch panel interfaced Hotel Door Bellis fine edition. Not only it increases the attractiveness but also it confirms the highest level of luxury.

For a hotel or a building apartment, maintaining a welcoming and cozy environment are utterly needed. If we look back few years back, door bell system largely depends on the analog version of electric induced magnet and metallic bell. But sound generated by those bells are not very sweet hearing to everyone.

But this Hotel Door Belltouch panel is free from analog part. All it includes modern Nano-electronics. Multi-functional Hotel Door Belltouch panel equipped with illuminated LED Indicator Design. Which removes the barricade of using the panel at night or for low vision people. One can easily find out the panel for its LED illuminated back light. The doorbell touch panel build quality doesn’t only focused on look but also the strength. As the full body is fire resistant and electrically isolate.

The front touch panel is made of robust glass material. So longer usage will not cause any scratch. Moreover, as the glass is non conductive element, it will not pose any threat of electrocute the user even if the touch panel is malfunctioned after longer usage.


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