Hotel Power Keycard System

A Hotel Power KeyCard System is a lock and power connection activator of door lock and power connection which can be used by a key card. Every key card has a unique physical dimension or digital pattern stored which is recognizable by the system.  This kind system was first introduced to the purpose of car parking facility.

Technical Specification

Parameter Description
Voltage AC: 190~220V
Egress Time Delay 10~30 Seconds
Load Current ≤16A
Service Life More Than 100 Thousand times
Operational Temperature -10°C to 60°C
Operational Humidity 10~95% RH
Body High Quality Plastic Materials


Features of Hotel Power Key card System

Varieties of Interface able User Card: Hotel Power Key Card System can be interfaced by so many types of card like Mi-fare card key switch, smart card, RFID card, any kind of power switch cards and so on.

Lucrative Design: High quality materials used for the body which gives the item a majestic look which can easily fit for any elegant building complex.

Easily Interface able: This system can easily be interfaced with different type of electronic lock as per the demand.

Energy Saver: Cut down the power when user lock the door which eliminates the unnecessary  electricity usage

At a Glance

In order to give the visiting guests, the essence of elegance at the door locking features of any hotel, you can easily choose our Hotel Power Key Card System. It’s a control device which ensures the locking features of the door which is very simple to use. Also, it disconnects the power of the room.

By cutting down the power, it saves the power at a significant amount. In addition, if someone accidently forget to power off their cloth iron machine, air conditioner then the Hotel Power Key Card System will cut down the total power which ensures no accidental short circuit issue. Danger limit of fire incident about short circuit failure can be reduced.

Also, this key card system can lock down the door which eliminates the possibility to figure out key hole while the individual return after tiresome works. In a word hotel power key card system ensures luxury with technical benefit of safety.


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