Hotel Door Indoor Touch Panel

Technical Specification

Parameter Description
Dimension 86mm*86mm*25mm
Bell Chime Dimension 155mm*105mm*45mm
Voltage 50/60Hz 110~240V AC
Operate Temperature -10℃~60℃
Operate Humidity 50℃ 10~95% RH


Features of Best Indoor Touch Panel

Heavily Durable: The temper of the touch point is 1 million times where for the touch point relay has life time of 100 thousand time. Longer lifespan eliminates the possibility of frequent changing the button.



Indoor Touch Panel touch panel is a modern element of hotel management system. It is decorated panel for using doorbell with lucrative body and electronic touch panel. From this device, user inside the hotel room or any room where hotel door bell touch panel system is installed can send the data to show the desired mood of the user on the outdoor panel.


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