Laser Grocer

Prominent Features

  • Metal Construction
  • Shelves Design
  • Mirror
  • Longer Performance
  • Easy Assemble


Vegetable and fruit rack is commonly seen to be used in a super shop. It is also a necessary item also. In fact, without the vegetable and fruit rack, a super shop cannot be decorated completely. On the other hand, you have to think you cannot purchase and accommodate all types and all sizes of the rack in your super shop. You only purchase those items which are perfect for your super shop, right? You also need to understand how many spaces you have available and what types and sizes of the rack are appropriate in the space. Then you should go to purchase the rack.

Laser grocer is an excellent shelving rack for displaying different types of goods such as vegetables and fruit. The rack is not too large, not too small. The rack has two shelves upper and lower. The lower section has a total of 5 trays that are different in sizes. The trays are arranged in two rows on the lower shelve. The three are in one row, and the other row contains two trays. The sizes of the trays on the same row are the same.

The upper shelve has three trays to store different types of goods. The rack has two shelves, so you can store vegetables and fruits in different shelves. Store the goods on the lower shelve, which is much in amount. The rack is designed very perfectly. Look at the rack; the upper shelve is not as long as the lower shelve. If you see carefully, the lower shelve contains two racks in deep. If the upper shelve is longer as the lower shelve, you cannot see the goods of deep trays in the lower shelve. And also you cannot handle the goods of the trays. That means the rack is created wisely.

Prominent Features

  • Metal Construction: The stands, legs, and shelves bar everything is made of tough metal. Metal is the construction material that provides maximum strength; that is why metal is used here.
  • Shelves Design: There have two shelves, but the size of the two shelves is not the same. Did you notice it? The upper shelve is shorter than the lower shelve so that you can see and handle all the goods in all the trays on the lower shelve.
  • Mirror: Just above the upper shelve, there is a mirror on the rack. The mirror represents the image of the goods on the shelves. The shelving design and mirror attachment make the rack good looking.
  • Longer Performance: If you own the rack, you can definitely expect longer performance from the rack as all the materials used in the rack are high in quality. And definitely, the high-quality thing always provides longer performance.
  • Easy Assemble: The manufacturer makes the rack in a simple way but beautifully. They also build the rack as the way so that you can assemble the rack easily. Anyone can assemble the rack as it is a very easy process.


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