Under Vehicle Surveillance System

To the purpose of inspecting the beneath part of any vehicle for explosives, contraband, narcotics, smuggling of person or any kind of unauthorized object which is supposed to enter any facility or building complex, Under Vehicle Surveillance System is the versatile solution. For its improved inspection speed & accuracy, using under vehicle surveillance system reduce investment in human resources.

Technical Specification of Embedded Screening Part

Parameter Description
Camera Charge Coupled Device (CCD)
Sensor Line Scan
Resolution 5000*2048 pixels
Power Supply 24VDC, 3A
Pixel 2096 x3
Pixel Size 14um x 14um
Type Color Model
Horizontal Frequency 9000Hz
Min Operation Time 110us
Wave length 460/540.650
The length of the line array 29mm
Sampling bits wide 8bit
Dynamic Range 76db
Sensitivity 15,21,37uj/
Lens Mount F
Transmission Mode (Gigabit Ethernet) / 100m
Power Dissipation Less 8W, 12V
Working Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Illumination LED
Illumination Power Supply 24VDC, 150W
Illumination Size 1200mm x 350mm
Illumination Temperature Range -20°C to 70°C


Technical Specification of System Host

Parameter Description
CPU Intel®Core (TM) 2 Duo CPUP8600@2.4Ghz or Higher
Memory 2G (optional 4G)
Graphics Intel (R) Gen 5.0 Integrated Graphics Engine
Hard Disk SATA2 Hard Disk 500g
LAN Dual
USB Port USB2.0 (Up to 4 ports)
Monitor 22” LCD; Resolution: 1920*1080
Scene Video Record 4 Channel
Compression Algorithm of Scene Video H264


Technical Specification of Distribution Box Controller

Parameter Description
Input 2 channel induction coils
Output 2 Channel Switch Type 110~220VAC
Communication Port RS485, Ethernet (Optional)
Operating Temperature -20°C to 70C

Optional Accessories

  • ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition):
  • Multiple Devices Networked Control Functions.



High Profile Tech: UVSS is a combined system of automatic digital line scan camera with high-resolution and improved clarity of the image.

Largely Interfaceable: System is built after went through several R&D steps. This UVSS system can be versatilely interfaceable with anti-collision system, barrier etc.

Anti-fog Function: Image clarity doesn’t compromise in case of foggy environment as it has self-calibration features.

Special Air-Drying Circulation System: Ultra advanced UVSS is equipped with special air-drying circulation system by which if the surroundings air has amount of water particle than normal, the on-built air drying system will become activated which ensures the perfect clarity of images.

Recording Function: To enhance the performance, it has the function of multiple scene image monitoring and recording.

Complete Imaging: The complete image of under vehicle scanning, without any omissions, and the image is clear, complete, no distortion, can be clearly observed that the object is not less than 2mm in diameter.

Intelligent Alarm: In order to notify security guards in case of detection of narcotics, arms, explosives under vehicle, smart alarm will become activated.

Multi-Language Control Functions: The operator user interface is designed with multi-language. So, language is not a barrier in case of accessibility.

Possible Field of Usage

1) Government Facilities

2) Embassies

3) Courthouse

4) Corporate Site

5) Medical Sites

6) Airport


Under vehicle Surveillance System is a system by which beneath part of any vehicle can be monitored. For ensuring total safety, security system must cover any blind spot. Vehicle under surface is a kind of blind spot, where it is difficult to inspect bare handedly. And past records indicate that several crimes related to carrying explosives, narcotics, contraband, jewelry even human trafficking are done just taking the scope of the blind spot of beneath part of the vehicle.

But as we know, the entrance is the first level of security for building safety, no blind spot should bar entrance guards / security to fully monitor any entering vehicle. Otherwise, there are scopes of compromising the security measure. As it is also a fact that, checking under the vehicle is also a difficult work bare handedly. Considering the importance of unpenetrated security measure and handiness, Under Vehicle Surveillance System gives the upper hand of any facility or building complex security. It can easily real time monitor the under section of any vehicle within a moment. So, no unauthorized object can’t be hidden under vehicle. The system consists of two major parts. Embedded screening part or blast proof camera sensors and the monitoring part. Beneath of part of the vehicle naturally is a dark space. To overcoming the low light issue, embedded sensor array has high power illumination by which ultra-clear quality of pictures are ensured. The complete image of under vehicle scanning, without any omissions, and the image is clear, complete, no distortion, can be clearly observed that the object is not less than 2mm in diameter. So, any precise object will be visible on the screen and operator will easily pick up the disturbance. For future record, operator can easily keep the data records in the control unit. In addition, as the procedure is fully automatic, it overcomes the weakness of mirror type under vehicle surveillance system.


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