Star Grocer

Prominent Features of Star Grocer

  • Metal Construction
  • Shelving
  • Heavy-duty Trays
  • Mirror
  • Long-lasting Performance


Product Overview

The vegetables and fruits are often found in the super shop. The goods are also common items that are sold in the super shop or grocery store. Sometimes we see many super shops have partially rotten fruits and vegetables that are very disappointing. The improper way to store goods can be the primary reason for this incidence. Most of the time, it is seen that they have stored the food haphazardly, and as a result, the fruits and vegetables become rotten, which is very unexpected.

A shelving rack can be the perfect solution to this condition. There also have many factors that need to consider before choosing the shelving rack. The rack Star Grocer is a one-way fruit and vegetable rack that can be placed in either a small or large super shop. You can place the rack adjacent to the wall, pillar, or just opposite to the other one side rack. After all, as it is a one side shelving rack, you can place the rack anywhere.

The rack has a total of three shelves that are very strong. The sizes of the shelves are also standard. There are three plastic trays on each shelve. The shelves are placed vertically in a horizontal manner. A mirror is also placed on the top position of the rack that is obliquely placed. The mirror is placed in the way the goods can be seen in the mirror. This mirror design makes the rack more beautiful.

Prominent Features of Star Grocer

  • Metal Construction: The body of the rack is made of quality metal. The base and handle of the shelves are also made of metal. The construction material high-quality metal makes the rack sturdy and Durable.
  • Shelving: The rack contains a total of three shelves. The shelves are also made strong enough so that it can hold a large quality of various kinds of goods. The rack has one-way shelves that make the rack to be used in any place in a super shop or grocery store.
  • Heavy-duty Trays: Each shelve contains three trays. The trays are plastic made, but the plastic quality is very good. The plastic is also food-grade as you keep fruits and vegetables on the trays.
  • Mirror: Look carefully, the rack has a wide mirror on the top. Every owner wants to decorate the super shop in a beautiful manner. The mirror makes the vegetable and fruits rack more attractive. It looks really beautiful when the rack has a mirror.
  • Long-lasting Performance: The rack promises to give a long performance. The metal body gives the total strength of the rack. On the other hand, plastic trays don’t break or damage quickly. After all, you will get an excellent vegetable and fruit rack if you get this item.


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