Supershop Bone saws in stainless steel (Model: MS2100)


Motor Three Phase :
kW (HP)

1,1 (1,5)

Motor Single Phase :
kW (HP)

1,1 (1,5)

Motor RPM :


Cutting Speed :


Wheel Diameter :


Blade Length :


Cut Height :


Cut Deepness :
mm 190
Weight TPH (SPH) :
kg 48 (49)


Best Commercial Bone Saw Machine in Bangladesh


Nowadays people have started to lead the smart life. They want the perfection and for that, they are leaving the conventional ways. Like this people aren’t also following the manual ways to cut the meat for commercial deals like butchers shop or slaughterhouse.

They now use boner saw machine. By which they get the higher production rate in the perfectdimension. You should also use this machine to cope up with this modern era and to maintain the global standard.

But before that, you have to know the requirements of a boner saw machine in Bangladesh. And also it’s importance and types.

So, here we go –

Benefits of the commercial bone saw machine

It is your duty to make it sure that your customer is receiving the best service from your super shop or your commercial business. You have to meet the standard level of sanitation, need, and concern of your customer. Only then you will be able to choose the right machine. And to assure it won’t be just an easy storytelling.

Let me tell you some basic specifications that you can get from a commercial bone saw machine.

  • Accurate and flexible Cutting

The most important reason to choose a commercial saw machine for its accuracy. It gives a specific and precise cut to the meat. You can easily meet up with your customer’s demand. No matter what the shape is, the machine can provide it. You can get the perfect dimension from any kind of meat without using the hand.

  • Fast speed cutter

This machine provides a fast and quick speed to the cutter. For that reason, the cutter can cut the pieces of meat easily. With the fast speed, you can cut the frozen meat. You can cut also fishes and any kinds of meat along with. You can cut skull by this saw machine for the high speed and precise cutting edge.

  • Effective use with low maintenance

Its use is not so tough but the user needs to stay careful when using. The user has to push the piece of meat with your hand and give force until the meat doesn’t get cut. Thus You can easily maintain the saw machine. But You need to clear the saw every day. That’s it! Anyway, the stainless steel body doesn’t produce much sawdust. That’s its secret actually.

  • Hygienic and easy to use

The cutter is a reciprocating cutter so it is very to give a smooth cut. As the body of the machine is fully stainless steel and water resistant, it is not easy to get rust. You can use roughly. And for that also the meat stay hygienic as well.

Types of Commercial bone saw machine

Based on different functional process and types of meat cutting and the standing position we have made a list on bone saw machine for you.

Here you go-

Based on processing

  • Manual boner saw machine – Operates the cutter saw manually
  • Electric boner saw machine­– Operates the cutter electrically
  • Automatic boner saw machine – Operates the cutting process fully automatically

Based on standing

  • Table standing boner saw – Saw machine stands on the table
  • Floor standing boner saw – Saw machine stands on the floor

Based on function

  • Bandsaw machine – For cutting the bone and frozen meat
  • Meat Slicer – For making the meat into the small slices

Best commercial bone saw machine in Bangladesh

You need to deal with the temperature and humidity of Bangladesh for any kind of machine that is being used globally. In Bangladesh, you need to follow what people want most and most of all you also need to pay attention to your return over investment. You just need to calculate how much profit you will gain. So for that, you have to choose the right bone saw machine for your commercial use.

Considering the choice of people we have focused on some points and they are:

  • Multi-tasking
  • High speed
  • Material
  • Depth of cut

And then we have found the best boner saw the machine in Bangladesh. Let’s see that with a short description.

Stainless steel electrical boner saw machine

From the very first word we can guess that the body of the cutter is made of stainless steel. But not only the cutter but also the effective parts of the body is made of stainless steel. And also this boner saw machine is water resistant. So you can be assured that this vigorous machine will provide its best service for a long time. The body of the machine won’t be affected by rust at any cost.

It follows the standard safety requirements and hygienic rules. This machine won’t let your commercial business down. The cutter blade performs with a high speed and precision. This blade is highly professional and effective for cutting any kind of meat. Along with this blade, you can cut the bones also into smaller pieces professionally. You can easily cut multiple types of meat like beef, chicken, fish, pork or any other types of meat without sorting anything. It will also make your work ease if you want a special dimensional cut. This machine will let you do this without any interruption. Here also you can give a cut to the frozen meat at your necessary dimension.

In this machine, you can control the depth of the cut. You can get the larger cut with its large stainless steel blade. And you can use this machine as a meat slicer also which means you can differentiate the meat into smaller pieces and slices.

Commonly this machine is electrically operated and that’s why it will be easy for you to maintain the cutting procedure.And you can use this machine at your super shops, meal market, butchers, large fish sale and for many other functions.

On some particular special this type of bone saw machine, there is a switch on the body. This is called the safety switch. As you are dealing with a high-speed cutting machine it is normal to face problems during the cutting meats. So you can easily stop the motor by pressing this emergency switch. So from this, you can stop any accident from turn into severe.

So, here you see that this boner saw machine is best for Bangladesh.

What to look before buying commercial bone saw machine

Just buying a boner saw machine without knowing its requirements and whether it is suitable for the workplace or not will fall you into a deep obsess. So think twice before buying a large and costly machine before buying. Here we have planned selection criteria by which you can choose the right commercial boner saw machine.

What to look! Let’s see –

Blade types:

Here in the market, you can find two types of the blade for your boner saw machine. They are:

  • Butcher bandsaw blade
  • Scalloped edge saw blade

With these both blades you can cut the meat very easily. But the difference is you can cut the frozen meat and bones with the first type of blade easily. But you can’t make the shape perfect. For this, you have to use scalloped edge saw blade for more accurate cutting. The limitations are that you can cut only solid meat accurately with this type scalloped blade.


If the material of the body and the blade is such a type that gets tarnished easily, then the standard level of hygienic and safety won’t stay for a long. You can find this at low cost but we will strongly forbid you to not to select this. Stainless steel body will keep the standard level for a long time as it doesn’t get rusted. So we would suggest you look for stainless steel material. Nowadays the casing along with the blade you can find made by stainless steel body.

Depth and speed of cut

It depends on the thickness of the blade that how much it can cut from the meat. Whatever the depth of the meat is, you can cut easily with the large blade. Usually, from 60 inches to 100 inches, you can find the blade in Bangladesh. You can adjust the depth manually after fitting the blade in the machine. And with a 0.4-0.6mm thickness, you can cut the meat finely.

The cutting speed matters also and in Bangladesh, you can find a 15m/min speed blade which can provide professional and effectivecutting.

Define your need

It depends on that for which reason actually you are going to buy boner saw machine. In the market you can get two types of boner saw the machine on its function. If you are going to use this in your home then you should only look for a meat slicer. But if you are buying the boner saw for super shop or meat seller than it will be perfect to look for both band saw and meat slicer to make your work ease.

Powerful motor with safety block

Only a powerful motor can make the work ease. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for you to operate the large blade at a high speed. And also it is better if the motor contains a self-ventilating option. But there should be safety operator by which you can stop the machine at ease during the accidental incident.

Easy maintenance

There should be any kind of trap for the dirt and also the blade can be cleaned with ease. For easy cleaning, there should be available option to remove the blade. It will be better if there is any container to collect the dust at the edge.

Side table

It seems not so important but true to say without this the large and heavy meat can’t be handled easily. By placing the table you can force the meat to cut and slice perfectly without much effort.

Types of commercial bone saw machine with a short introduction

#1 Electric meat boner saw machine

The operating system is mainly its defining specification. It will lessen your manual effort and let you cut the meat automatically without following any conventional way. The blade is made of anti-rust stainless steel and through this, you can cut any depth of the meat easily. You can cut the bone also into smaller pieces. And moreover, there are two layers of safety guard to perform a safe and secure control. You can use it in butcher shops or large meat selling store or super shops.

#2 Band boner saw machine

If you own a large meat processing store and you have to pack the meat to deliver, you will need this band saw machine. Whether you can use it for your large super shop also. In the machine, there is a large stainless steel blade which cut the large piece of meat and bone into pieces. And you can also cut the frozen meat.

#3 Meat slicer boner saw machine

This type of boner saw is mainly for the second stage of cutting the meat. You can slice the meat into smaller pieces. Whether the required dimension of the piece is, it is possible to get that dimension. Bandsaw can’t provide this smaller cut. So, if you are going to sell a band saw for your commercial business, you should buy the meat slicer type bone saw machine also.

You can find in the market with the band saw and meat slicer both types of system in one boner saw the machine at a time.


So, therefore your knowledge has been upgraded like a pro after reading this content. Now, you know how to choose the best boner saw machine for your commercial production house. Our last suggestion for you that with the fast speed of a boner saw machine you can get the best production. But you should be careful about the safety also. We have mentioned in the article about the qualifications that a boner saw machine should carry. Now, choose according to that specifications and get your desired production.


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