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Best Super Shop Cold Room in Bangladesh: Uses for Fish, Meat, Fruits & Vegetables

Best Super Shop Cold Room in Bangladesh: If you are in a super shop business, then you must have heard about the ‘cold rooms system’. Cold rooms are the electrically powered room where you can maintain a certain temperature lower than atmosphere by proper setting. You can also maintain the difference between inside and outside temperature of a cold room. Cold rooms are must have in any super shop. Since these aid in storing the foods for a longer time, you definitely need them in your super shop.

Storing the foods is one on the main task when it comes to super shop business. And if you can’t do it in the right way, then everything will be in vain. So you need to store the foods according to the need.

Besides if you try to receive every kind of food on daily basis then your business won’t last long. So you need to game up your storage for aiding the business. And nothing can serve better than the super shop cold room in terms of storing vegetables, fish, meat, and dairies.

So let’s dive into the mystery of the super shop cold room system and get you the one you need.

Key Features of Super Shop Cold Room in BD

  • Size Variation:

You can find cold rooms in many predesigned shapes and size.  All these have different functionality and purpose. So you can always find something as per your need as the designs are so versatile.

Since super shop cold room systems are very user-friendly and easily available in any size, so don’t worry about getting the right size.

  • Balanced Refrigeration System:

Super shop cold room systems come with a balanced refrigeration system. So it is convenient for our climate in Bangladesh. You can be at ease if you leave the store for the time being. The stuff inside the cold room will be perfectly fine. Isn’t it great?

  • Different Door Design:

These super shop cold rooms have different door system as per their purpose. You can have anything from the glass door, sliding door, fire rated, solidly hinged to electronic operating. This is pretty convenient when it comes to whether you want to display the products inside or not. The doors are made perfectly to maintain the temperature difference between inside and outside.

  • Durable Build Quality:

Now if you are investing in one of these cold rooms, then obviously you want the guarantee of your money, right? But don’t worry. These super shop cold room2 are so well constructed with high-quality materials that it will ensure the durability of the cold rooms for a very long time. So you don’t have to worry about buying one in near future.

  • Quick and Easy Assembly:

Now after buying one of these super shop cold room storage’s, the first thing you need to do is assemble it properly. The assembly process of these super shop cold rooms is really easy and quick. You can assemble them at any time after purchasing. You will obviously get a manual for quick assembly. After installation, all you need to do is power them and your cold room system is ready for the shop service.

  • Effective space utilization:

The design and build quality of these super shop cold room is perfect for maximizing the space utilization. The wall thickness is just in the right dimension. No extra thickness is added on the walls. These optimize designs will make sure to provide the most efficient way of storing the good in the shop and keep them fresh for a long time.

  • Energy Efficient:

These cold rooms function on low voltage and low power which ensure less energy consumption.

You can plug them in 220 volt which is the regular voltage rating in our country. And the power rating as the other refrigerators we use in our home.

Importance of Cold Room in Your Super Shop

Since you are opening a super shop, of course, you have stored all your goods beforehand. You may have to keep them in storage for a couple of days or even more. So how do you think you can do it in the most effective way?

The answer is obviously a cold room system. There isn’t anything better than cold room for storing the raw goods for a longer period of time. But there are other benefits the cold room system is going to serve you.

  • Preservation of food in long run:

Not to mention this is the first and foremost purpose of these cold room systems. In a super shop, you need to pile up goods beforehand and preserve them right. Otherwise, you can’t serve them as per the request. As given the traffic here in Bangladesh, receiving a daily delivery with proper timing is pretty difficult. So you have to depend on the storage for sure.

And nothing can aid this storage system better than these super shop cold room systems.

  • Preserve the foods from bacteria:

Bacteria can’t grow in number if you preserve the food in low temperature.  And you can do this by adjusting the temperature of the cold room. The cold rooms have either the plus or minus temperature system to preserve the different type of foods. You can keep the foods free from bacterial attack in the cold room for a long time.

  • Maintaining the Nutrients:

Now if you can’t preserve the foods correctly the taste and nutrients of the foods will start to detour. This will only result in rotting the foods. So keep them in the cold room to prevent the deterioration for a long time.

Things to Look Before Buying Super Shop Cold Room

Now if you have decided to buy cold room storage for your shop, there are some feature you should definitely look for. Make sure to do your research before buying them.

But don’t  worry. I’m breaking down the points here for you anyway.

  • Shelving rack:

If you are going for a cold room that has shelving rack in it, then count the shelving rack beforehand. These racks will help you in storing the food more efficiently. You can always get some extra shelving rack. So customize the size as you need.

  • Durability:

Durability is another important factor to look for before buying a cold room. Cold rooms made with high-quality stainless steel are proven to last the longest time.

  • Energy Savings:

You have to think about the energy consumption of these cold room system as well. Cold rooms we offer function on low voltage and low power supply similar to the other refrigerators for our house. So these will consume as much energy as our regular refrigerators. This will also take a good care of electricity bill and help the overall electricity consumption in the country.

  • Easy assembly and Installation:

Make sure you buy a model which is easy to assemble and install. You can get professional help if you want. So look for a brand which is providing service for installation and after service of this.

  • Condensing Water:

This is one of the main function of the cold room system. It needs to release the extra water it collects from the foods into the atmosphere. So take a note of the condensation process of the cold room you are buying. Is it an evaporating system or a drainage system? Take a note of all these factors.

  • Temperature:

You can have cold room storage with plus or minus temperature. They both serve for a different purpose. So you need to buy one that will match your need.

  • Compressor position:

Look for the compressor type your cold room is using before buying it. You can get two types of compressor. One is the outside air compressor and another is inside air compressor. Buy the one which will satisfy your need.

Type of Cold Room That We Offer

#1 According to the Temperature Setting:

You can find two types of temperature system when it comes to the super shop cold room system and each cold room has any one of these settings. You can buy a plus temperature one or go for a minus temperature one or both. Let’s discuss both types.

#2 Cold Room storage with Plus Temperature:

These commercial plus temperature cold rooms have their own digital gauged and automated digital dial. The temperature will range from 0º to 18º as this range is suitable for storing vegetables, water, and drinks.

  • You have set the factor to set it for further use such as de-frosting, alarm, on-off, leaking and so many.
  • These cold rooms are made of high-quality stainless still.
  • These are good for storing foods like fruits and vegetables. It also can store medical stuff.

These plus temperature cold rooms are pretty spacious. They also have some safety measure at the entrance. The installation process is also less expensive.

#3 Cold Room With Minus Temperature:

These are also another must have a cold room for your super shop.

This type of cold room comes with many converter and managerial dial and electric managers for setting different functionalities on use. These are mainly less noisy, energy efficient cold rooms and need less maintenance.

Cold room with minus temperature is good for storing fish, meat, ready made foods, milk, ice-cream etc . You can also store your fruits and vegetables in it. They are handy when it comes to storing the dairy foods in particular.

The temperature of this type of cold room ranges from 0º to lower. Such as: 0º to -18 º for storing the fish meat, ready made foods, milk, ice-cream etc and 0º to -45ºis a blast cold room. If you need to anything cold shortage period of time you need to blast cold room. You can modify the heat range as well as control the dehydration and wetness. This will prolong the life of the foods you store and keep them safe from deteriorating by sudden temperature change in weather.

#4 Judging by the Purpose:

You can choose from different models of cold rooms as per your need.

#5 Cold Room for Fish:

To store the fish you can go for one like this. These are also made of stainless still and are minus temperature type cold room. You can set the temperature from 0º to -18º as this temperature is perfect for storing fish.

#6 Cold Room for Vegetables:

For storing vegetables go for a plus temperature cold room. As you know storing vegetables for long period of time will detour their nutrients, so you have to store them in the right temperature.

  • Cold room for vegetables is plus temperature type one. You can choose the size and shelves as you need.
  • For daily storage keep the temperature from 0 to 10 degree. For soft vegetables keep them in between 5-7 degree.
  •  For storing for short period keep the temperature from 2-4 degree. To prevent aging of the vegetables keep them in 0 degrees.
  • Make sure, the temperature doesn’t fluctuate largely to properly maintain the moisture of the vegetables.

#7 Cold Room for Meat:

For storing the meats go for a minus temperature type cold room system. This will keep the meat fresh in the long run.

#8 Combination Cold Room:

You can also go for these combination type cold rooms. This will keep the moisture of foods lock in place and keep them fresh for a long period of time.

Final Words

Cold rooms are must have for running a super shop business. Before buying one just pay attention to the build quality, design, temperature system, and energy rating of the cold room.

You can choose from the huge collection of cold room we offer. These high-quality stainless steel cold rooms will last you a long time. These rooms has the most optimal yet efficient temperature setting system. And assembling them is also very easy.

These cold rooms will maintain the moisture level of the foods you store and keep them fresh so that you can deliver quality food every time to the customers without any fail.

So what a waiting for? Just make your choice and buy a cold room for your shop today. See how your business goes up with the aid of these cold room systems.


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