Supershop Fruits Vegetables Display Rack

Brand : Solid Cool
Salves : 3 standard salves
Baskets : 9 pieces
Size : H7” W4” D36”
Color : Black available


Product Overview Fruits Vegetables Display Rack

A super shop or grocery store business is an amazing idea to start a business. But, the approaching is most important. It is a matter of how beautifully you can offer our customers to purchase products from your super shop! There have many factors you need to think before starting the business, and the super shop decoration is one of the most significant of them. If you perfectly decorate a super shop, it becomes a professional look. If a customer easily finds the products that he/she is searching for, then the customer will come again and again to your shop.

Usually, different types of products are sold in a super shop, and fruits and vegetables are common items of them. Do you know, the best way to display the vegetables and fruits is by using the super shop shelf. If you use fruits and vegetable display rack, you can display the products on the rack in the best way. Just think you have put the vegetable and fruits in place haphazardly, how it looks like? On the other hand, you display the same products on the super shop vegetables, and fruits rack in different categories. Doesn’t it look more beautiful?

Vegetables and fruits displaying on the rack is not only a matter of beautifulness; anybody can find the items easily. At the same time, the vegetables and fruits are also kept here well. These are the reasons; the super shop rack is important for your grocery business.

But, where can you get the good quality fruits and vegetable rack? It is an important matter, right? Don’t worry; we supply the best quality super shop rack in Bangladesh. If you think you need to decorate your super shop with the right accessories, you should have a super shop rack according to your needs.

Nothing will be better to display your fruits and vegetables perfectly in the store without a super shop shelf. Our self is enough strong and sturdy. The shelf can be used for a long time, and at the same time, the shelf also can bear heavyweight. So, you can purchase the shelf/rack for your super shop to decorate nicely.

Prominent Features of the Fruits Vegetables Display Rack

We don’t say to purchase the product before knowing anything about it. Check the features of the product and then take the decision, whether it is perfect for you or not!

  • Sturdy Construction
    The stands of this rack are made of high-quality metal that gives the strength of this fruit vegetable rack. That means all the vegetables and fruits will be fine on the rack. There is no chance of getting the fruits and vegetables put down on the floor.
  • Size of the Rack
    The size of the rack is not too large but not very small also. The size is very standard that measures the height and width is 6ft and 4 ft. That means you can store many fruits and vegetables on the rack.
  • Durable Plastic Trays
    Here you get almost 12 plastic trays that are enough sturdy. The 4 trays are the same sizes, which are large, and the other 8 trays are relatively small but the same size.
  • Easy to Assemble and Easy to Maintain
    The rack is portable and very easy to assemble. Every person can assemble the rack. On the other hand, it doesn’t require much maintenance. Just clean the rack when it gets dirty, nothing else.


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