Tripod Turnstile in Bangladesh

Technical Specification

Description Parameter
Temperature 15° to 60°C
Operating voltage DC 24V
Power supply input 220V ± 10%AC, 50/60 Hz
Humidity 0 – 95%
RPM of Motor 800
Optimal traffic rate 20 to 30 persons per min
Motor type Brushless DC servo motor
Net Weight 70Kg
Net Dimension 123.5(L) x 28(W) x 102(H) cm


Automated Motorized Tripod Turnstile is generally designed for controlling the access of high flow of individuals in any establishment like educational institute, bus / train station, airport etc. It’s robust design and versatility in huge mode of customization enables it a unique solution for public access control facility.

Rugged Build Quality: Main frame is made of stainless steel which gives the turnstile gate a strong base.

Durable Brushless DC Servo Motor: Robust Brushless DC servo motor is used which eliminates the need of changing brushes of brushed motor as well as PWM controlled servo motor serves the purpose of holding the position of the arm and regulate the rotational angle perfectly.

Heavy Duty: Featuring arm rotation buffer lock to protect motor head and internal gear mechanism from being damaged during vandalism or any attempt to turn the arm by force.

Versatility at Customization: This specialized turnstile can be customized as per the demand of the client or whatever system demands. It can be interfaced with RFID card reader or biometric finger print or even both to the purpose of sort out allowable accessed people.

Easily Interfaceable: Equipped with several dry contact inputs and outputs which enable the option to interface the turnstile gate with access control, rotational direction controller to support both rotation as Clock wise and Anti Clock wise, emergency button for manual arm triggering, rotation completion detector to avoid multiple person entry with single rotation and so on.

Emergency Recovery: Our automatic motorized tripod turnstile has emergency release option by which the arm will drop down to speed up the evacuation process in case of fire incident, earthquake when quick passage.

Lucrative Design: Whole unit is built by stainless steel which only gives the unit a robust structure and very stylish look. LED display panel for entry directional arrow also enhance its demand in case where ensuring premium ecstasy is a subject.

Possible Add-on / Upgrade:


Description of Tripod Turnstile

Modern technology growing fast now-a-days and we are living in an era with so many technological revolutions.Security systems also become stronger and robust to be touched by modern technology. But still weakness exploits and mishap happen. For example, educational places are becoming the soft target of terrorist, while banks are facing constant threat of robbery. To prevent robbery, vandalism people take so many measures and the first measure to keep your place secure is to set up authorized access through entrance of the establishment.

Automatic Motorized Tripod Turnstile will provide you such facility to bring order in case of entrance of huge number of people where disciplined entrance has to be assured. Our motorized turnstile has the capacity to pass through 25-30 people per minute. So, ensuring large people entrance within short period is not a problem. Also, this turnstile gate can be triggered such ways that it’s arm can rotate on both direction. It’s anti-tailgating enhancement ensure no possibility of second person following back of any pass.

Our motorized turnstile gate can be interfaced with biometric fingerprint or RFID card reader. Even both system can be interfaced simultaneously. The gate will activate upon an authorized or pre-programmed card swipe or authorized finger print. Otherwise turnstile motor won’t get activated. So, whoever doesn’t carry an authorized card, he / she will not try to pass the gate as it will be easily noticeable by security.

So, unauthorized individual will not even think about to enter. Motorized turnstiles are very popular on largely crowded areas entry point. Also installing turnstile bring order into the crowd because turnstile won’t allow disoriented or rush entry. So crowded place like cinema halls, stadium, train station or any transportation port or station, disciplined entry can be availed with the assurance of authorized entry.


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