Two-Way Middle Grocer

Prominent Features of Two-Way Middle Grocer

  • Metal Construction
  • Two-Sided Shelves
  • Different Size Plastic Trays
  • Portable
  • Easy to Assemble and Easy to Use


Product Overview

Shelving rack is an excellent solution to accommodate different kinds of goods. You cannot accommodate various goods finely on the other way as a shelving rack offers. But the choosing the right shelving rack for your super shop is a bit difficult as the racks are available in different types such as two way, one way, and others. On the other hand, the capacity of all shelving rack is not the same. Usually, a large rack has more spaces, and a small rack offers to accommodate a limited amount of goods. You have to choose the perfect size according to your needs.

Usually, there are many rows in the super shop where the shelve racks are placed. If your super shop has multiple rows, you need to have a two-way middle grocer. A two-way middle grocer lets you accommodate goods on two sides so that you can display more goods side to side. In this way, the customers can get their necessary items easily on the rack.

This two-ways middle grocer has three shelves on each side. The lower shelve has one big plastic tray, the middle shelve has two medium-size trays, and the upper shelve also has two trays. You can also shuffle the tray between the shelves as you need. The middle stand and the shelves are constructed of heavy-duty metal so that it can hold the trays perfectly when the trays are full of goods. If any tray gets dirty, you can also remove the tray from the shelve to clean it. The design of the rack is also very simple, and it doesn’t get dirty easily.

Prominent Features of Two-Way Middle Grocer

  • Metal Construction: Heavy-duty metal is used to construct the middle stand of the rack. The shelves are also built with tough metal. The metal construction material makes the rack sturdy.
  • Two-Sided Shelves: The rack has shelves on its two sides. So, more customers can take the goods from both sides. Two-sided shelves make the rack versatile to be placed in a medium or large size super shop.
  • Different Size Plastic Trays: Each shelve contains heavy-duty plastic trays. Different sizes of plastic trays are placed on different shelves to accommodate different goods in various amounts.
  • Portable: The two-way rack is portable. The rack has multiple wheels so that you can change the position of the rack so easily. If you need to change the position, just push the rack forward or backward and place it in the right place.
  • Easy to Assemble and Easy to Use: The assembling way is not difficult. Any person can assemble the rack. You don’t need a relevant expert to assemble the rack. On the other hand, using ways is also easy. After assembling, just put the plastic trays on the shelve, and store the goods on it, just it.


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