Under Vehicle Search Mirror (Model: EI-V3)

Product Parameter

Mirror Size: diameter 30cm convex mirror

Connecting Rod Length:1.2M-1.4M

Supplementary lighting: 9 light, LED flashlight

Net Weight: 1.6kg

Gross Weight: 2.42kg

Package Size: 88*29*33cm (4 piece/carton,8.5kg )



High Definition Camera: For realistic images, high definition CCD camera (with 3.6mm wide angle lens, 5-inch multimedia video images with 8G memory card )is used for the search probes.

Night Vision Mode: In order to keep better performance at night or dark, night vision mode will work like charm.

DVR Recording Function: To inspect the searching videos for later use, this device has DVR Recording Function. So, recorded image can be inspected in future in any situation demands.


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