Refrigerated Bakery Counter


Type Refrigerate Bakery Counter
Power Source Electric
Temperature 2~8°C
Material Stainless steel
 Size 1795*700*850


Best Refrigerated Bakery Counter in Bangladesh

Bakery counter refrigerate is a great for showing off bottled beverages and prepackaged snacks or sandwiches, cake, biscuit, this Avantco SC-80 2.7 cu. ft. countertop merchandiser refrigerator allows to offer a selection of impulse items without investing in a full-size merchandiser. Its compact countertop design makes this unit great for use in applications like markets, delis, and restaurants. The refrigerate Bakery counter work table the produce can be made for keep vegetable or meat fresh, produce base on the design or the idea, be course those are factory, most of products can be customized.  It is the best choice and very useful for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars etc. The top, front, and end panels of this unit are made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability, and for excellent temperature retention.

High Efficiency: Bakery Counter Refrigerator is manufactured with uncompromising quality, energy efficient technology, and standard premium features built in. Easy access to the condiments while maintaining uniform safe temperatures.

Adjustable temperatureBakery Counter Refrigerator is to adjustable temperature 18 ~-22°C. This unit utilizes an over-sized balanced Pizza refrigeration system allowing faster temperature recovery and shorter run times in a busy commercial environment.  Self-closing doors with remain open feature past 90° for easy access loading and unloading.

Structure: Bakery Counter Refrigerator structure with two sides completely foamed up to the top (including the engine room), Automatic defrost not for BT, Automatic evaporation of the condensate water, Electronic thermostat, Self- closing door by means of a spring-hinge, Standard lock.

Stainless Steel Body Bakery Counter Refrigerator is to Stainless steel interior and exterior retains attractive finish longer & matching Aluminum finished back. Rounded corner design inside of the cabinet makes it long durability with easy to clean the inside storage.

Possible Field of Usage:

  1. Catering hall
  2. Hotel
  3. Restaurant



  1. Insulation 50mm thickness
    2. Ventilated Refrigeration Compartment gives a better air circulation, anticorrosion-treated evaporator
    3. Auto Defrosting and Auto Evaporation of Condensation water by means of hot pipe in Stainless Steel Box means no floor drain required
    4. Electric Thermostat and Digital LED Temperature Display for accuracy and easy reading
    5. Self-Closing Door by means of Spring-Loaded Hinges ensures

fast recovery and energy saving
6. Doors are structure in offset profile for easy gripping and opening as well as easy maintenance
7. Magnetic Gasket with high quality neoprene rubber can be replaced without any tools
8. Heating element concealed in Door Frame to eliminate any condensation
9. Shelf and shelf support are designed to accommodate 1 number of GN1/1 Pan Size
10. Internal round edges for easy sanitation


The commercial Bakery Counter Refrigerator produce can be made for keep vegetable or meat fresh; it’s a high energy & high efficiency temperature. Pizza worktable refrigerator are to made Stainless steel & Aluminum body. It is the best choice and very useful for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars etc.


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