Self-Contained Cube Ice Machine

Model : ICEU220
Brand : ICE-O-Matic
Cooling System : Air or water-cooled
Ice Flaking Capacity :
114 kg and 251 lbs per day
Build-in Ice storage :
up to 40 lbs per day
Power : 50 Hz and 60 Hz models
Dimensions : 24.54″ (623 mm) wide x 26.27″ (667 mm) deep x 39″ (991 mm) height


Product’s Key Point

Ice Making Capacity:

This commercial self-contained ice maker machine can produce up to 50 to 80 kg per day.

Ice Storing Capacity:

It can store up to 48kg ice in the container.

Controlling System:

This self-contained ice maker machine is fully controlled with a computer. The front warning led light to warn you for routine maintenance.

Easy Assemble:

This ice machine is easy to assemble. Disappearance doors in the front make the task very easy.


About the Product

Generally, self-contain ice cube makers are smaller versions of the modular electric refrigerator and bin. If the user can produce a little amount of ice this is often the simplest choice because this machine produces a smaller amount of ice. This self-contained ice maker making components within the cabinet alongside a little internal storage bin. This machine can manufacture up to 50 to 80 Kgs per day.

Commercial self-contained ice cube maker is that the model for the super shops or super marketplaces were the meats, seafood, and other related products upheld for hours and hours. Besides this, people want to drink beer, lassi and other soft drinks alongside ice cubes. Cube ice is additionally ideal to be used in bakeries, perishable food transport, and health care applications

Commercial cube Maker Machine maybe a little device that makes personalized ice cubes.

It quickly makes ice cubes and doesn’t require continuous drinking standard water. It takes a few minutes for this ice manufacturer to organize considerable amounts of ice cubes. For party events, you would like to possess a sort of ice cubes to supply beverages to the marriage visitors.

Especially in the summertime, visitors need relaxing and funky beverages in reasonable amounts. the specified amount can’t be generated by a touch ice plate. This machine can produce huge sections of ice beforehand and also generates ice quickly during events. Therefore, continuous party requirements are often satisfied by an ice manufacturer only.

The commercial self-contain ice cube maker is proof of corrosion and may also quickly be washed after use. With this cube manufacturer, you’ll provide fresh ice to your friends and family within a short period. It’s affordable and also helps you to save lots of your fantastic time while generating the bulk of ice. there’s no got to hurry to industry whenever you would like ice, buy one for your supermarket business and luxuriate in the benefits.

This module cube is prepared to refreeze the ice cubes which has dissolved and hence. Hence, customers needn’t put additional initiatives to wash the ice creators. Servicing price is additionally minimal in such cases.

When selecting a cube manufacturer system, you’ll want to seem at the number of things it can make and therefore the process by which water is chilled, which affects its rate. Another critical facet is that the design of the ice. Does it look eye-catching and enhance the overall look of the drinks?

It is also essential to think about whether the merchandise is cost-effective and energy-efficient, and the way easy to fresh it’s, also as watching how time-consuming it’s to be applied commonly. This Machine is all meant to form sure energy-efficiency and keep down costs, with low consumption water.

This ice cube maker is additionally made out of hygienic components, with stainless-steel body-work and unsightly inner packing space for storing containers. Easy washing and computerized operate both help to save lots of your here we are at offering services.


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