Best Quality Super Shop Checkout Counters in Bangladesh



Best Super Shop Checkout Counters in Bangladesh

Looking for a checkout counter for your super shop? Then we are here to help.

You can’t imagine a proper super shop with a checkout counter nowadays. Checkout counters not only help you in processing the product purchasing and transaction but also increase your sales.

So we are here to provide you with the best quality and highly efficient checkout counters for your super shop. These checkout counters will aid you in flourishing your business.

Importance of Checkout Counters at Your Super Shop

A checkout counter is a must-have for your super shop. This will aid your business in many ways.

Increase revenue:

You can increase your sales by adding a checkout counter at your super shop. Customers are more prone to buy products displayed near the checkout counter at the last minute. Thanks to ‘Impulsive Buying’.

Add Elegance:

The checkout counters we offer are super stylish and eye-catching. They will add value to your shop and make it look like an expensive supermarket.


Since our checkout counters run by a powerful motor, they are fast. So the customers can get their products packed and calculated in no time.

Means of Extra Information:

You can engage your employees at the counter to provide the relevant information the customers frequently ask for.

Description of the Super Shop Checkout Counters Models We Provide

In our site, we offer electrical checkout counters for the super shop with many different designs. You can always choose which type you need from our website.

Here are some of the checkout counters designs we offer:

#1 Super Shop Checkout Counter U-Type Desk

You can have this super stylish and high-quality U-type checkout counter from us. the main counter has a dimension of 2500×1100×870 mm along with an auxiliary counter of 600×600×870mm. we used a 1-1.5mm metal sheet and stainless steel board to create this checkout counter. But we also provide special thickness material as per customers’ request. The top board is a combination of polished stainless steel and the border is of aluminum alloy.

  • The surface is protected with plastic powder coating to provide protection against the sun and tide.
  • This checkout counter comes with an imported motor and sensor with CE and UL certification.
  • You can get this amazing U shape checkout counter in many sizes from us.

#2 Super Shop Checkout Counter L-Type Desk

We offer you an L-shape checkout counter for your shop. This stainless steel made adjustable L-shape checkout counter has a gate-type frame. The frame is semi-closed.

The main counter has a dimension of 2600×900×870mm with a side counter of 600×600×870mm with a height of 5m. The high-quality stainless steel and cold rolled sheet will provide maximum durability to your checkout counter. The surface is protected with powder coating. This checkout counter has bump protection made of aluminum alloy and PVC plastic.

  • This checkout counterweights 150 kg and can endure 110 kg weights at a time.
  • This counter runs with an electrical motor requiring a voltage of 110v or 220v.
  • Why not give this awesome checkout counter a try for your super shop.

#3 Super Shop Checkout Counters Tendo Desk

You can get this super cool checkout counter tendo desk on our website. This one has the same dimension and qualification as the L-type checkout counters we offer.

Apart from these designs you also provide service for customized designs as per the customers’ request. You can send us your sample work and we will make that happen. We have our professional designers. So you will get the counters in the exact dimension you want with the promise of the best quality. All you need to do is just contact us.

How super shop Checkout Counters Can Increase the Revenue

Putting a checkout counter we offer at your super shop will boost up your sale. Wondering why? Okay, here is the answer.

Make Your Super Shop Look More elegance:

Our Checkout counters are designed to be eye-catching and stylish. This will attract more customers to your shop. As checkout counters are used in big super shop and markets, if you keep one at your shop it will give your shop an elegant look. Customers will start to take it even more seriously which will result in providing more customers.

Saves Time to Provide Customers Satisfaction:

Beside our checkout counters are operated by powerful motors to ensure more speedy work. Customers can get their products packed in no time. So they don’t have to wait for a long time. This will save time and give them a sense of satisfaction. This Way the customers are bound to check your super shop again.

Impulsive Buying and Decision Fatigue:

Another way of increasing the revenue is putting some affordable yet eye-catching products at the checkout point. Studies have shown that customers not only buy products because they need them, they are also influenced to by the product presentation to buy them. It is referred to as ‘Suggestion Impulse Buying’. It means if they are charmed by how you are presenting the products, they are going to grab them. So you have to present the products in a decorative way at a place which they can’t miss. And the checkout counter is the most obvious place to display all kinds of impulsive products since each and every customer will pass through here.

And another study shows customers suffer from ‘Decision fatigue’ by the time they reach the checkout counter. Decision fatigue is a point where your brain is tired of making so many decisions in a short period of time that it give in and the ‘impulse buying’ takes the upper hand. At the store from the very begging customers have to make a huge amount of decisions while choosing their products.

Since our brain gets tired after making so much decision in a shorter period of time, so by the time the customers get to the checkout counter their brains start to give in. at this point, customers start to look around the counter while waiting for their turn. ‘Impulse Buying’ starts to take over at this time. So they grab the products displayed at the checkout counter and put them in the basket. If you display some of your famous products at the checkout counter then customers will have more time to pay more attention to them while they are waiting in the line. And this will help you in increasing the sale.

Anticipate Customers Need:

Have good anticipation of products your customers may demand with respect to the products you sell in your super shop. Try to put products that are related to the main products you are offering at the store. Such as if you sell shampoo and another skincare item in the store at regular size, then you can offer a sample or travel size products of the same shampoo and skincare products to aid the customers for making the choice for the products they are hesitant to buy. They can decide on buying the product after using the sample.

Engage Your Employees at the Checkout Counter:

You can engage your employees at the checkout counter to increase the sale. Train them to give relevant advice regarding the products the customer is purchasing or ask about. Tell the employees to ask the customers if they found everything they were looking for or if they want anything similar to what they want to purchase. Like if your customer wants to buy a specific hand cream that is not currently available in your shop, ask your employees to provide another similar option as advice. This way you can increase the last minute sell through the checkout counter.

Provide a Reward System at the Checkout Counter:

As the customers reach the checkout counter try to give them a last-minute satisfaction. Provide them with some sort of coupon, sale on a purchase, card, or point system. This will give your customers a sense of winning which will make them come to your shop again.

What Kind of Products are to Displayed near checkout Counter?

For engaging your checkout point in the last minute sell to have a rough idea of which products you are going to display at the checkout point.

For these choose products which are:

1. Affordable:

You need to take note of the price tag. If you keep pricy products at the checkout counter then the customers will not feel the urge to buy them as they already have spent money on other products. On the contrary affordable products won’t make the customers think for long whether to buy it or not. So customers will buy them on impulse.

2. Eye-catching:

Products that are fancy looking and eye-catching always have a special place in the heart. To put the cute and decorative items in the checkout counter to attract the customers even more.

3. That complements or relevant to the products you are selling in the shop:

Gather products that are relevant to the products you are trying to sell in the shop. Like if you sell toiletries in regular size in the shop, then put the sample or travel size one of the same product at the checkout counter.

4. Products customers ask for frequently:

Pay attention to the products the customers ask frequently at the store and display them at the checkout counter.

5. Products that don’t need much time to decide:

Keep products that don’t have too many options to choose from at the checkout counter. Like if you are going to keep a toothbrush at the counter which is easier to decide on, this will make it easier for the customer to buy. On the other hand, if you keep shirts at the checkout counter he customers need more time to decide on one. This will crowd the counter and create a negative effect on the rest of the customers.

6. Products that Customers tend to Forget:

There is a certain type of product customers tend to forget in their shopping time such as a toothpick. Try to take note of them and display them at the checkout counter.

By doing these steps along with our best quality Checkout counters, your super shop is bound to be one of the famous super shops in your city.

Some Specific Products for the Super Shop Checkout Counters:

Chocolates and candy:

We all know how repulsive chocolates and candy are especially for their colorful packaging. So put some chocolates at the checkout counter.

Medicine and Health Care:

Display the small medicine and health care supplies at the checkout counters. This way customers will pay more attention to them and your revenue will go up.


You can keep fashion or other types of daily and monthly magazines at the checkout counter.

Where to Put the Checkout Counter:

Where you put the checkout counter in your shop also matters.

As studies show customers walk around the shop anti-clockwise. So the proper walkway is necessary. Try to design the shop according to that. Don’t put your checkout counter in a place where it will block the natural path of the customers.

Put the checkout counter at the exits of the super shop. Cause if you put the checkout counter at the entrance the customers won’t show enough interest to buy things out of their original shopping list. On the other hand, if you put the checkout counter at the exits customers will buy products out of impulse. So you can increase your revenue with this simple trick.

Final Word:

You can choose from various types of checkout counters we offer anytime throughout the website. You can customize the counters as per your need as well.

These high-quality checkout counters will increase your business and give your customers a sense of satisfaction as well. This will make your customers come back to your super shop again and again. In no time, your shop will be the best selling super shop in the town.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us for your checkout corner as early as possible.


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