Bone saws Machine in Bangladesh


Motor Three Phase :
kW (HP)

1,1 (1,5)

Motor Single Phase :
kW (HP)

1,1 (1,5)

Motor RPM :


Cutting Speed :


Wheel Diameter :


Blade Length :


Cut Height :


Cut Deepness :
mm 190
Weight TPH (SPH) :
kg 48 (49)


Most of the persons like to eat meat. But the more people like the meat that is attached to the bone, right? But sizing and cutting the bone is not so easy. The person knows better who cut the meat and bones. Anyway, it is also important to cut the bones in the same sizes. But if you try to cut by hand, it is not possible. But the job is very easy with the bone saw machine. And the machine can cut the bone within second and very easily. Why you work hard to cut the bones where you have this excellent option?

The machine is not only recommended to cut the bones but also the machine can be used to cut the meat. Yes, you can use the machine for both purposes. And most importantly, the machine can cut the meat and bones to size as you want. Just set the size on the machine to cut the bones. It will cut all the bones the same size. The machine is also easy to use, and there has a safety guard to protect you during operation. It is really an excellent machine, and you will be surprised if you see how effectively and how finely it cuts the bones continuously!

Prominent Features at a Glance

  • Smooth Cutting: Smoothness is one of the best properties of the machine. The machine cuts the meats and even bones smoothly. Just set the size to cut the bones and meat; it will cut quickly and smoothly.
  • Cuts Quickly: The machine is operated by electricity. And naturally, the machine cuts the bones very quickly. How quickly you can cut bones, you five people cannot cut more than the machine.
  • Blade: The blade that is used in the machine is heavy-duty and made with quality metal. The blade is also rust-resistant. So, naturally, you can get longer services from the machine. If the blade becomes too old, you can also replace it.
  • Hygienic: The machine is hygienic. Ask me why I mention it. I say, why not? After long term use, there will nothing come out from any part of the machine that can impure the bones and meat. At the same time, the operation process is also easy.
  • Versatility: It is an excellent feature; it can be used anywhere. Where do you want to use this bone saw machine, home, butcher’s house, restaurant, super shop, supermarket, or other where? It can be used everywhere.


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