Glass Door Chiller

Super shop Glass Door Chiller Room for Beverage

The refrigerator is definitely an important element of a super shop. But sometimes some super shop owner wants to get something better than a refrigerator. In this condition, there is no alternative to a chiller. A Glass Door Chiller is a perfect appliance for the super shop to store various types of beverages.

Glass Door ChillerUsually, a chiller has more space than a refrigerator, and a chiller requires less maintenance than a refrigerator. That is why a super shop chiller is more preferred than a refrigerator for a super shop.

This super shop glass door chiller has three doors, and there have more spaces inside, and you can store a lot of beverages in it. The chiller comes with two types of doors sliding and hinge. Some people like sliding doors and some others prefer hinge types. You can get any type that you like most. And definitely, it comes with a glass door so that the customers can see the stored beverage. If they can see the stored beverage, they can find the beverage easily that he/she likes. On the other hand, the glass quality is very good at the same time strong enough so that it doesn’t get to break easily.

The outlook of the chiller is also very beautiful, and they also have the option to get the chiller in your favorite color. A super shop chiller price is not too low, you know. That is why we think there should have the option to choose the chiller color and we give you this opportunity. If you have a super shop, definitely you need to have many beverage collections. That is why a chiller is always a good choice for the super shop business.

Prominent Features of Super Shop Glass Door Chiller

  • Temperature Range: You can set the temperature even minus and plus. That is why the chiller lets you store beverage items and other products, as well. In this chiller room, you can store the beverage and other products for up to 12 months. The minus temperature helps to keep the food fresh for a long time.
  • Consume Less Energy: Somebody believes a chiller consumes more energy than the refrigerator, and it cannot be run on the regular energy source. To them, we want to say the chiller doesn’t require much energy and you can use the chiller on 220 volts.
  • Less Maintenance: You know, a high-quality appliance always requires less maintenance, and it is not out of them. Definitely, you should use this chiller with care, but it requires less maintenance compared to the other chiller and refrigerator.
  • Door Type: Different types of people like different types of doors. Somebody likes hinge type, and somebody likes sliding. We don’t know which you like, but the chiller provides both options for you. You can choose anyone you like.
  • Convenient Use: There has no difficulty in using the chiller. Anybody can use the chiller easily. The interior also has enough lights to visualize the stored items that are also a great convenience for the users.

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