A complete security should cover the protection from outside to inside of your house & Office.

1 Autogate – cover protection 1

Please make sure you close autogate after your car is fully parked inside house compound. Only get out of car if the autogate is fully closed. This ensure people from outside will not come in to rob you while you are still inside the car. Click here for more info

1 Alarm – cover protection11

Sensor should be install at all door, window and house compound to detect any intrusion. Alarm console can trigger alarm the moment the thief touch the wall. Security alarm panel will send notification to your mobile phone via Insite – mobile apps.

1 CCTV – cover protection11

Camera should be install inside and house compound. Once alarm trigger, your can easily verify the situation from our CCTV apps on your mobile phone. High regulation CCTV camera offer excellent night view to help you see robber face clearly. DVR user friendly search feature allow you playback crime evidence easily. Click here for more info

Total security is not something that should be taken for granted. Autogate, Alarm and CCTV system work together to give full security protection for your home.

You can scoff at the idea because you live in nice neighbourhood, or think that what you have in your office or home is not worth taking so you are in the clear. Like with anything, whatever can happen will happen, and that’s not something to risk. Protecting your loved ones and what you have worked hard to accomplish should not be able to be taken from you in a blink of an eye. The hard reality is that it can if you are not protected.

We make your life safer and more convenient by offering a complete solution from a single supplier in security and automation system.