Velux Grocer

Prominent Features

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Long-Lasting Performance
  • Mirror Display
  • Portable


Product Overview

We follow many ways to display and store many kinds of goods in the super shop or grocery store. But everybody agrees that a super shop rack is the best way to store many kinds of goods. That is why most people like to have different types of super shop rack in the grocery store or super shop. But it is a matter of what type of rack you need to have! A super shop rack has different types and different sizes, but you are not always ready to buy all the items once. That is why you should pick the right rack regarding your needs.

Velux Grocer is a heavy-duty super shop rack. The size of the rack is not too big to small. The size is very standard to display or store a limited amount of goods. The rack is appropriate for an adequate amount of goods to store.

The rack has 6 trays sections where you can display different types of goods. That means you can display up to 6 kinds of goods, whether they are fruits or vegetables or other items. On the other hand, if you want to store fewer kinds of goods, it is also fine. The advantage is you can display up to 6 types of goods in the rack separately as it has 6 different sections.

It is a heavy-duty rack. You can use the item for a very long time. If you store vegetables and fruits here, you may need to add splashes of water sometimes, right? There is no chance of damaging the rack because of water splashes because the rack is made of heavy-duty plastic materials. It is an ideal super shop rack for you if you want to get a durable, super shop rack.

Prominent Features

  • Sturdy Construction: If you see the structure of the Delux Grocer, you can guess the strength of the rack. The rack is very strong, as well as well designed.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Heavy-duty plastic materials are used to construct the rack that promises to give long-lasting performance. It gives a longer performance on daily use.
  • Mirror Display: Just above the trays of the rack, a mirror is placed in an oblique position. The mirror represents the stored goods in the trays that look very beautiful.
  • Portable: The rack is not a fixed item. You can change the place if you need to modify the decoration of your super shop.


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