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Prominent Features of Smoked Wall Unit Gondola Rack

  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Multiple Shelves
  • Attractive Outlook
  • Easy to Clean
  • Portable


Product Overview

A gondola rack is not only a necessary item in the super shop, but also it is essential in many other stores such as drug stores, grocery shops, and otherwhere. The size of the gondola rack may differ regarding customer needs, but no doubt, it is an important item for various kinds of stores. The size of our gondola rack is 7 feet in height and 3-4 feet in width. The height is always standard, but different customers need different width. That is why we give this opportunity to our customers so that they can get the perfect size gondola rack according to their needs.

We have said that the rack can be used in many places such as a retail store, super shop, drug house, and otherwhere. There have a total of 5 shelves in the rack, including the base shelve. The measurement of the shelves is the same 12 inches except for the base shelve. It measures 16 inches. Of course, the base shelve is stronger than the other shelves. The maximum capacity of each layer is up to 80kg. Don’t put extra items that exceed this weight range. If you display a little bit more items than the recommended weight, it will not break down, but you should not do this for the safety of your gondola rack.

Now, come to the outlook, color combination, and performance of the gondola rack. We are very confirmed that each and every customer likes the simple design of this rack. On the other hand, most of the customers also like the black and silver color combination of the rack. Most of the time, every people likes any item that comes in black color. Thanks, the manufacturer, to make the rack black color. Be honest, you also hardly find any kind of rack that comes with black color.

Then the key point is its performance, right? High-quality cold-rolled steel is the primary material of this rack. On top of that, the powder coating finish is made on the rack that creates a smooth finish. Because of the finish, it doesn’t get rust and corrosion. Because of using quality material, it provides outstanding performance.

Prominent Features of Smoked Wall Unit Gondola Rack

  • Sturdy Steel Construction: The construction material is high-quality, rolled cold steel. The steel makes the rack super strong. You also know for a gondola rack, steel is very much suitable as a construction material.
  • Multiple Shelves: Including the base shelve, there has a total of 5 shelves in the rack. The shelves also have well spaces to accommodate various super shop goods. The width of the shelves is 1 foot, and the base shelve is 1.25 feet.
  • Attractive Outlook: The outlook of the rack is very attractive, and all the customers like the design and color. The rack also made in simple design and equipped with amazing color combinations. We also love the rack.
  • Easy to Clean: The maintenance and cleaning process should be very easy for any rack, right? The rack doesn’t attract dirt, and it also doesn’t get dirty often. After a longer use, you may need to clean the gondola rack. Don’t worry; you can clean the rack within a few minutes, yes.
  • Portable: Portability is the primary benefit of a gondola rack, we believe. You may need to change the rack position anytime, right? If it is fixed with the floor or wall, then it becomes very difficult to move. But the Smoked Wall Unit Gondola Rack is portable and lets you move everywhere easily.


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