Commercial Wall Unit Gondola Rack

  • Height: 7 feet
  • Length: 3 & 4 feet available
  • Weight capability: 80kg/layer
  • Salves size: per selves wide 12inc & base selves 16 inc
  • Number of shelves: 5 salves with base
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Thickness of layer panel: 0.7mm


If you have a super shop, grocery store, a retail store, you know how important a gondola rack is. Without the gondola rack, it becomes difficult to decorate your super shop or other retail stores. But you also have to get the right rack for the right purpose; then the task becomes easy to you otherwise not. Before buying a gondola rack, you should not think about only the capacity of the rack. You also should think about the outlook, quality, and performance of the rack because definitely, you don’t want to get such a rack that is ugly looking, poor quality, and the least performance, right? So, you definitely choose a rack that has enough space at the same time; it is beautiful looking and durable also.

Commercial wall unit gondola rack is the perfect choice of the people that want to get an excellent gondola rack. It is a one-way gondola rack that has multiple shelves. The total shelve number of the rack is 5, including the base. You can put various super shop items on every shelve. The weight capacity of each layer of the shelve is 80 kg. Maximum weight capacity 80kg doesn’t mean if you put a few kgs more, it will break, but you should avoid putting more weight on the shelve. If you do this, the rack gives you longer service definitely.

We really love the simple design of the gondola rack, and many customers give us than to supply them with these kinds of gondola rack. They say “the rack is very simple but very useful’’. Really, its outlook is excellent though the design is very simple. Because of the simple design, no one faces any difficulty while using the rack. Just purchase the commercial wall unit gondola rack and get it to your super shop and use the rack as the super shop shelf. Nothing is difficult here.

Prominent Features of Commercial Wall Unit Gondola Rack

  • Stainless Steel Construction: The construction material of this commercial wall unit gondola rack is stainless steel. We hope you can guess the strength of a stainless steel gondola rack.
  • Standard Size: The rack also comes with standard size where the height of the rack is 7’and the width of the rack is 3-4’. The width of the rack is not the same for all. We have this rack in two sizes, 3’and 4’. You can choose any size that you need.
  • Multiple shelves: There has a total of 5 shelves in the rack, including the base. The size of the upper four shelves is 12 inches, and the base size is 16 inches. The weight capacity of each layer is enough, which is 80 kg. That means the rack is definitely a heavy-duty rack for your super shop.
  • Amazing design and outlook: There is no complexity in the design of the rack, and that is why it is easy to use. On the other hand, the white and orange color combination gives and smart outlook of the rack. After all, everybody likes the design and outlook of the rack.
  • Portable: Portability is an amazing advantage of any item. If you want to move any item that is fixed either with the floor or wall, it becomes very difficult. But the gondola rack is very easy to move as it is portable.


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