Wire Shelves Unit Grocer (Portable)

Product Specification

Construction: Metal Body

Shelve: 3 Shelves.

Tray: 6 Heavy-duty Plastic Trays.

Color: Silver


Product Overview Wire Shelves Unit Grocer (Portable)

Shelving stand is a necessary item in a super shop or grocery store. You know customers like a super shop or grocery store that is decorated accordingly. Every customer wants to buy a product before confirming the quality of any product, whether it is good or bad, right? You know the vegetables and fruits are often sold at the grocery shop or super shop. But have you taken necessary steps on how finely the vegetables and fruits can be displayed?

You may use the refrigerator to store the vegetables and fruits, but most customers don’t like to buy refrigerated fruits and vegetables. That means the refrigerator is not a good idea for this purpose. Just think about the shelving stand. In a shelve stand, you can display fruits and vegetables as much as you want. In this way, you can also present the goods in the best way to the customers. If you use the shelving stand and you display fresh goods in it, the customer can check the quality of the goods easily, and they also will be inspired to buy the goods more.

There also have many advantages to using shelving stands. Using the shelving stand, you can store and display the goods accordingly, and they also remain fresh longer. If you put all the vegetables and fruits in a specific area randomly, the chance increases to be rotten also. But this will never happen in the fruit and vegetable rack. Definitely, a super shop shelf is an excellent idea to store and display the vegetables and fruits together.

You can display more goods in the Wire Shelves Unit Grocer. It is strong, portable, and also easy to use. You choose this wire shelves unit for many reasons, let’s check all.

Prominent Features of Wire Shelves Unit

  • Metal Body Construction: The stands and shelves of the product are constructed of good quality metal. The metal construction gives strength of this unit.
  • Three Shelves: The unit contains three shelves, and two plastics trays are put on each shelve. There have enough spaces to store and display many goods.
  • Portable: The unit is completely portable. If you think the unit is not perfectly placed in a place, then you can change the place easily.
  • Easily Assemble: The assembling process of the unit is very easy. You don’t face any difficulty during assembling. Just purchase the product, assemble, and start using.
  • Standard Size: The shelve size is very standard. It is not too small to large. You can display enough goods on the shelve safely.


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