Fruits & Vegetable Rack

Make Your Vegetables Look Fresh And Juicy With The Right Display Units

Displaying your fresh vegetables and fruits in an eye-catching manner is very important for your supermarket or vegetable market. This is why you should pay attention when buying a vegetable display rack. There are many types of vegetable and fruit racks in the market, but you need to select them according to your shop size and display type. 

Some vegetables and fruits can be displayed in the open while others must be controlled. Otherwise, they won’t look good and spoil fast. This is why at Global Automation Ltd. you will find plenty of choices when it comes to the vegetable rack for shop.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Vegetable Racks You Can Find From Us

There are many types of vegetable and fruit display racks. Here are some of the most popular ones you can shop from us.

Three Shelves Display Racks: These racks are made of steel and support plastic baskets. You can choose between, one shelf and 3 shelves display racks. Even within each type, there will be a design choice of between 8 baskets ones or 6 baskets or 3 baskets. 

Double Display Racks: These racks have shelves on both sides making it great to display both fruits and vegetables. The baskets are plastic baskets and the whole rack holds 8 baskets. The stand has wheels which means if you want to relocate your vegetable display rack, it will be easy to move.

Wire Shelves Unit Grocer: Want something very durable yet easy to move? Then our wire shelves unit grocers are the perfect choice. These shelves have full metal bodies and heavy-duty plastic trays. There are 3 shelves and 6 baskets. These types of shelves are best for displaying vegetables and fruits that are heavy. This is highly portable so you can use this rack for outdoor display which needs to be moved daily. 

Wooden Vegetable And Fruit Display Rack: Want a rack that looks classy? Then choose our wooden vegetable and fruit display rack. These racks are made of steel with wooden baskets. It comes with 4 shelves, with one basket on each shelf. This type of display rack is perfect for displaying fruits and vegetables that are exotic and look good.

Two-Way Middle Grocer: If you are looking for a heavy-duty vegetable rack for your shop, then the two-way middle grocer is a great choice. This rack is made up of a metal stand with heavy-duty plastic baskets. The baskets are on both sides and have different sizes, which you can mix and match. This is also portable and easy to install.

Display Rack With Mirror: This is another option from Global Automation for those who are looking for a robust vegetable display rack for shops. This is made up of heavy-duty plastic and metal, with a mirror above the racks. This makes the displayed product look all the more attractive. There are three options to choose from when it comes to this type of display rack.

What Is The Benefit Of Buying From Global Automation Ltd.?

When buying vegetable racks for shops, we are your best option when it comes to choices. We have a variety of shelves and racks, along with other supermarket equipment like chillers, shopping carts, portable wire shelves unit grocer, vegetable and fruits display rack, vegetable and fruits display rack double and more. Here are some of the reasons why you will love shopping from Global Automation Ltd.:

Affordable Price: Our products are sourced directly from manufacturers giving you the best price possible. We have different items for different price points, so no matter what your budget is, you will find your perfect vegetable racks from us.

Unbeatable Quality: All products we sell are selected after stringent quality checks. So they are durable and of the highest quality. So, when you buy your fruit display rack, you are investing in a purchase that will last for years to come.

Wide Range Of Choice: No matter what kind of shop you have, or the space for your vegetable display, we will have a product that fits that situation. You don’t have to go anywhere else when you shop from Global Automation Ltd.

Setting up a successful vegetable mart or grocery mart is not just about the quality of the product you sell. It is also about the display of the product. So, come to Global Automation Ltd. and shop and find all the vegetable display racks for shop under one roof.