Ice Machine

Looking For An Ice Machine? Your Search Ends Here

Ice machines are an integral part of many establishments, like restaurants, bars, supermarkets, food courts and more. If you are also looking for the best ice machine on the market, then your search ends here. That is because we at Global Automation Ltd. have all the varieties of ice machines that you need.

With a wide range of suppliers and direct contact with ice machine manufacturers, Global Automation Ltd. provides the best price for any kind of ice machine you may need for your store/restaurant/bar.

What Are The Different Types Of Ice Machines Available From Global Automation Ltd.?

Ice comes in various shapes, and so does our ice machine collection. Here is a quick view of all the types of ice machines we supply.

Pearl Ice Maker: As the name suggests, this machine creates round ice, just like a pearl. This machine can generate anything between 80 to 700 kg of ice pearls or 42000 pieces a day! The storage capacity is 48 KG. The machine is fully computerized and will give an alert when it needs maintenance. It comes in two models, 50 Hz and 60 Hz. The exterior of this ice machine is stainless steel making it very sturdy and durable. The vanishing entrance makes it easy to take out the ice. The shape of the ice generated is perfect for putting in drinks, ice cream, cocktails and more. You can also use the ice to keep perishable items fresh. This ice machine for stores can also be used in restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and even factories.

Flake Ice Maker: If you run a food mart and are looking for an ice machine, then this is the best choice. This is because this is a flake ice maker, which means the ice is best for keeping perishable items fresh longer. It can also be used in stores selling ice cream, falooda and other such items which need crushed ice. It is also used in medical stores where ice is needed to keep/transport critical medicine as well as ice machine for bar.  The flakes produced look like glass and are visually very appealing. This machine comes with many great features like:

  • Built-in sensor for checking water quality and level.
  • The stainless steel body is corrosion-resistant.
  • Load monitoring system that auto-shut itself if there is an overload.
  • A highly powerful drive motor, which is the heart of the machine.

The ice-making capacity of this ice machine for bar is 40 to 100 KG of ice daily. 

Modular Cube Ice Machine: If you need ice in large quantities, then you need this ice machine. It can produce ice consistently 24/7. It produces a whooping 833 KG of ice per day! This makes cube ice, which is good for restaurants, food courts and even supermarkets where they need ice to keep perishable items fresh. It is also a good ice machine for bars.

Self-Contained Cube Ice Machine: If you are looking for an ice machine for store with good storage capacity, then this is the perfect choice. This ice machine makes ice in cube form and the daily output is 50 to 80 KG of ice per day and can store about 48 KG of ice. This is smaller compared to other ice machine makers, and hence perfect for establishments that need ice, but not in huge quantity. The machine does not need a continuous drinking water supply to make ice. So, you can generate the needed amount beforehand and keep it for use. The machine is fully computerized, so making more later is not a problem. This makes it the best to use during events like a summer wedding, parties, and other such events where people may need ice for their drinks. 

Why Should I Buy My Ice Machine From Global Automation Ltd.?

When you need an ice machine, Global Automation Ltd. is your best choice. Why? Because we offer:

Unbeatable Price: We source our products directly from ice machine manufacturers so that we can offer you the most competitive price.

Unbeatable Selection: Whether you want round ice, flake ice or an ice cube, we sell an ice machine that can make that.

Unbeatable Quality: We check every product we sell diligently so that you can use them for years to come.

So, this summer, chill your customers’ thirst and keep your inventory fresh by bringing home the best ice machine in the market, from Global Automation Ltd.

What are the benefits of getting a shopping trolley for your supermarket?

No matter if you have a shopping boutique or a massive market, trolleys play a huge role in offering a seamless and convenient shopping experience. Global Automation Ltd., one of the leading shopping trolley suppliers in Bangladesh, offers a variety of shopping trolleys. They not only help in holding the shopping items easily but also lead to a smooth overall shopping experience.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a Global Automation Ltd. super market trolley in Bangladesh:

1. Aesthetic Designing

Sometimes supermarkets can be boring and not so appealing. But retail space owners or supermarket owners can easily enhance the beauty of their stores by investing in aesthetically pleasing shopping trolleys. Global Automation Ltd. offers attractive-looking trolleys to enhance the shopping experience of your customers. They come in bright colors and solid materials to look pleasing and effective. 

2. Variety of Designs and Choices

Global Automation Ltd. offers a wide selection of supermarket trolleys and baskets. This is a great benefit that allows you to have multiple choices. We offer options like a shopping hand basket, wheel-type shopping basket, plastic shopping basket, carton hand trolley, metal platform trolley, metal shopping trolley, hand basket, steel stainless platform trolley, etc. We have competitive shopping basket price in Bangladesh and catering trolley price in Bangladesh. 

3. Highly Durable

It is essential to opt for sturdy options before investing in a supermarket trolley in Bangladesh. This will allow your customers to not bother about anything while shopping their hearts out. Global Automation Ltd. offers shopping trolleys made from solid materials like stainless steel and plastic. The materials of these trolleys are durable and will last for a long time without being affected by any weather conditions. 

4. Simple and Quick to Install

Another benefit of opting for a Global Automation Ltd. super market trolley in Bangladesh is that it is simple to install. You can install them in a few simple steps at your supermarket or store. They don’t involve any complicated methods that will disinterest the customers. The trolleys or shopping baskets will make the shopping experience for your customers more fun. 

5. Requires Minimal Maintenance

Global Automation Ltd., as one of the leading shopping trolley suppliers in Bangladesh, ensures that you get trolleys and shopping baskets that need minimal maintenance. This will allow you to enjoy the benefit of low maintenance, and this way you can save some money or invest it in other things. Our shopping trolleys benefit you in both ways. 

6. They are Highly Sustainable.

While enhancing the shopping experience of your customers, we also ensure that the environment is taken care of. As the leading shopping trolley company in Bangladesh, our trolleys are highly sustainable. They were made with zero harm done to the environment. Plus, they are recyclable and don’t cause any waste to landfills. 

Why choose Global Automation Ltd. for supermarket trolleys in Bangladesh?

Shopping can be a big hassle for customers if your supermarket or store doesn’t have the right shopping trolleys or baskets. Global Automation Ltd. offers a wide variety of shopping trolleys and baskets under one roof. You can select them in different sizes and specifications that will meet the requirements of your customers. Plus, they are highly beneficial for your department store or supermarket. Our trolleys are low-maintenance, resistant to breakage, available in different materials and colors, etc. Global Automation Ltd. offers competitive shopping basket price in Bangladesh and catering trolley price in Bangladesh.