Gondola Rack

Solve All Your Display Problems With Gondola Racks From Global Automation Ltd

Need a display unit for your store or office? Then you need to make sure to buy the right kind of equipment for your product display. In that regard, a gondola display rack is one option that is best for any store, irrespective of size. If you are looking for a seller with the widest variety of gondola racks, then Global Automation Ltd. is one of the best options available in the Bangladesh market. 

What Are The Different Gondola Racks Available From Global Automation Ltd.?

Global Automation Ltd. has a wide range of selections when it comes to gondola racks. Gondola racks are very versatile as display racks for not just stores but for offices, libraries, and other places where products need to be displayed.

Library Wall Unit Gondola Rack: This is the perfect gondola rack for not just book stores, but library and offices as well. That is because of its design which makes it easy to store books and files as well as display them properly. Plus, you will find this product in different colours, to suit your shop’s décor.

Column-Plated Gondola Rack: If you have a large store that needs to display many products, then a column-plated gondola rack is your best choice. This gondola rack for store has racks all around the column making it the perfect display rack at the centre of your store. The shelves in the racks are quite wide and can fit multiple types of products for display.

Head Gondola Rack: If you are looking for a rack that is portable as well as durable, then a head gondola rack is the perfect choice. It is perfect for any kind of store as it can be customized based on your needs. The colour combination of the gondola rack can also be customized, and it comes with multiple shelves. 

Hardware Unit Gondola Rack: This is another must-have rack for a big supermarket or grocery store. This is a rack that can display two kinds of products at the same time. The upper part is meant for items that can be hung and is lightweight. The lower part is for displaying heavier items. You will get the best price for such racks from us as we source directly from gondola rack manufacturers.

Island Display Gondola Rack: looking for a gondola display rack for the shop’s aisle? Then the island display gondola rack is the best choice. With shelves on both sides, this sturdy rack is a must-have for any kind of store. Made of stainless steel, it is very sturdy and can carry almost 80 KG of load.

Perforated Strap Barred Two-Way Gondola Rack: This is another must-have gondola rack for stores that sell a variety of items, especially cosmetics and jewellery. The perforated straps can be used for hanging products like jewellery, ties, scarves, and even cosmetics. It can also be used as a central island rack as it is a two-way gondola rack which means it has display units on both sides.

Light Storage Unit: When you are looking for storage options for your warehouse or office, this is the perfect rack to have. From the height to the depth to the number of shelves, you can customize this rack as per your specifications. Global Automation Ltd. also offers this rack in different materials and from multiple manufacturers of gondola racks in Bangladesh.

Why Buy From Global Automation Ltd.?

Global Automation Ltd. is your best choice when it comes to buying not just gondola racks but all kinds of display racks. Here are the reasons why you should shop from us:

Unbeatable prices: Our gondola racks come with the most affordable price tags. We also have different options for the same type of racks to suit different budgets.

Unbeatable selection: We offer all kinds of gondola racks, and in each type, we provide shoppers with the option to buy from different gondola rack manufacturers.

Unbeatable quality: We are very stringent about the quality check, so whatever product you buy from us, will last for a long.

Displaying and storing items in the right way is very important for any store, big and small. So, let Global Automation Ltd. help you out when you need gondola rack in Bangladesh.

What are the benefits of getting a shopping trolley for your supermarket?

No matter if you have a shopping boutique or a massive market, trolleys play a huge role in offering a seamless and convenient shopping experience. Global Automation Ltd., one of the leading shopping trolley suppliers in Bangladesh, offers a variety of shopping trolleys. They not only help in holding the shopping items easily but also lead to a smooth overall shopping experience.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a Global Automation Ltd. super market trolley in Bangladesh:

1. Aesthetic Designing

Sometimes supermarkets can be boring and not so appealing. But retail space owners or supermarket owners can easily enhance the beauty of their stores by investing in aesthetically pleasing shopping trolleys. Global Automation Ltd. offers attractive-looking trolleys to enhance the shopping experience of your customers. They come in bright colors and solid materials to look pleasing and effective. 

2. Variety of Designs and Choices

Global Automation Ltd. offers a wide selection of supermarket trolleys and baskets. This is a great benefit that allows you to have multiple choices. We offer options like a shopping hand basket, wheel-type shopping basket, plastic shopping basket, carton hand trolley, metal platform trolley, metal shopping trolley, hand basket, steel stainless platform trolley, etc. We have competitive shopping basket price in Bangladesh and catering trolley price in Bangladesh. 

3. Highly Durable

It is essential to opt for sturdy options before investing in a supermarket trolley in Bangladesh. This will allow your customers to not bother about anything while shopping their hearts out. Global Automation Ltd. offers shopping trolleys made from solid materials like stainless steel and plastic. The materials of these trolleys are durable and will last for a long time without being affected by any weather conditions. 

4. Simple and Quick to Install

Another benefit of opting for a Global Automation Ltd. super market trolley in Bangladesh is that it is simple to install. You can install them in a few simple steps at your supermarket or store. They don’t involve any complicated methods that will disinterest the customers. The trolleys or shopping baskets will make the shopping experience for your customers more fun. 

5. Requires Minimal Maintenance

Global Automation Ltd., as one of the leading shopping trolley suppliers in Bangladesh, ensures that you get trolleys and shopping baskets that need minimal maintenance. This will allow you to enjoy the benefit of low maintenance, and this way you can save some money or invest it in other things. Our shopping trolleys benefit you in both ways. 

6. They are Highly Sustainable.

While enhancing the shopping experience of your customers, we also ensure that the environment is taken care of. As the leading shopping trolley company in Bangladesh, our trolleys are highly sustainable. They were made with zero harm done to the environment. Plus, they are recyclable and don’t cause any waste to landfills. 

Why choose Global Automation Ltd. for supermarket trolleys in Bangladesh?

Shopping can be a big hassle for customers if your supermarket or store doesn’t have the right shopping trolleys or baskets. Global Automation Ltd. offers a wide variety of shopping trolleys and baskets under one roof. You can select them in different sizes and specifications that will meet the requirements of your customers. Plus, they are highly beneficial for your department store or supermarket. Our trolleys are low-maintenance, resistant to breakage, available in different materials and colors, etc. Global Automation Ltd. offers competitive shopping basket price in Bangladesh and catering trolley price in Bangladesh.